The Week In Music: Ted Nugent Is Gonzo For Mitt Romney

Rocker officially shares his endorsement of Republican presidential candidate via Twitter
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    Ted Nugent
March 09, 2012 -- 7:00 am PST

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may not yet have a stranglehold on his party's nomination, but the race may be a bit less of a free-for-all now that the former Massachusetts governor received the endorsement of rock guitar slinger Ted Nugent. Nugent tweeted late last week: "[A]fter a long heart&soul conversation with MittRomney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him." The Nuge added his stamp of approval to that of fellow rocker Kid Rock, but despite the double-barrel rock and roll thumbs-up, Romney still struggled on Super Tuesday, winning only six of 11 states up for grabs. Maybe it will take a double live gonzo benefit concert to finally put Mitt over the top.

The Devil Made Him Do It. His Satanic Verses. Kornmary's Baby. You can write your own headline (feel free to comment below) for the story covered by noting that Korn leader Jonathan Davis will release his first album as his DJ alter-ego J Devil. "It's all these different genres," Davis/Devil said. "I love electro, I love jungle, I love drum and bass, I love dubstep, so it's a mixup of all that stuff." The move might not be totally unexpected given that Korn embraced electronica on their 2011 album, The Path Of Totality, working with recent GRAMMY winner Skrillex, and maybe Davis is just reflecting the current state of music when he says, "I love watching people play with their laptop."

When you've scored No. 1 albums and singles, along with five GRAMMY Awards, one might ask what is left to accomplish. For Lady Gaga there seems to be plenty more mountains to climb. As the Fame Monster is finishing preparations for her Born This Way Ball tour, which kicks off April 27 in Seoul, South Korea, this past week she became the first person to break the 20 million follower threshold on Twitter. Rounding out Twitter's most-followed trio are Justin Bieber (18.2 million) and Katy Perry (15.7 million). Gaga eclipsed Britney Spears in 2010 and hasn't looked back since dubbing herself "Queen of Twitter." Interestingly, shows that Gaga tweets far less frequently than Bieber and less than Perry, proving that less is more when it comes to the Twitter crown.

It may feel like the formerly bad, bad girl Fiona Apple has been gone for a long, long time, but she's back. The GRAMMY-winning sultry singer is set to release her first album in seven years, and the name of the project is about as lengthy as her musical sabbatical. Set to drop in June, the album will reportedly be called The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw, And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do. That's 23 words by our count. Apple is no stranger to lengthy album titles. Her 1999 release, better known as When The Pawn …, was named after a 90-word poem she wrote. Despite her criminal history, we don't think anyone will be calling the album police on Apple for her lengthy title.

What does it take to be "ridin' dirty"? According to GRAMMY-winning rapper Chamillionaire, you need shine on the deck and the TV screen, and a full clip and "pistolla." But what about ridin' Cobain? You could try packing some pennyroyal tea or a heart-shaped box. But if you really want to ride Nirvana-style, look no further than eBay, where grunge fans can bid on the 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van, better known as the "Melvan," that Nirvana and the Melvins caravanned around in during one of their U.S. tours. Among the many stunning features of the beat-up Dodge are a Kiss mural, painted by frontman Kurt Cobain on the side of the van using shoplifted Sharpie markers, and the words "mean machine" in spray paint on the hood. Requirements to bid on the vehicle include a deep love for Nirvana, the stench of teen spirit and deep pockets, with the current bid at $99,999.99. Tighten up your Doc Martens and get bidding, Nirvana fans. The auction ends March 13.

Wondering what some of your other favorite stars have been up to this week? Time for a check-in at the TWIM Twittertable: @Skrillex: Leaving Perth …the sideshow last night at villa was magical …now on our way to Sydney…BOOM; @keshasuxx: f*** it who else wants to be followed? Ill follow 50 more!; @adamlambert: I love Atlanta!!!; @katyperry: FINALLY, my MOVIE is coming out with Paramount this summer! It's called "KATY PERRY: PART OF ME" Presented In 3D! KATYCATS-LETS TREND #KP3D; @NikkiSixx: Damn, I am having a really bad a** hair day.

Fun.'s "We Are Young" featuring Janelle Monáe is tops on the Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes singles charts.

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