The Recording Academy Announces Key Executive Promotions

Longtime Academy executives Bill Freimuth, Gaetano Frizzi, Branden Chapman, Rick Engdahl, and Daryl P. Friedman receive promotions
  • Bill Freimuth, Senior Vice President, Awards
  • Gaetano Frizzi, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Branden Champan, Executive In Charge of Production & Chief Business Development Officer
  • Rick Engdahl, Chief Information Officer
  • Daryl P. Friedman, Chief Advocacy & Industry Relations Officer
December 20, 2013 -- 5:27 pm PST

The Recording Academy today announced key promotions for some of its longtime executives. Most recently, Bill Freimuth was named Senior Vice President, Awards, and Gaetano Frizzi was named Chief Human Resources Officer. Previous promotions include Branden Chapman, who was named Executive In Charge of Production & Chief Business Development Officer; Rick Engdahl, who was named Chief Information Officer; and Daryl P. Friedman, who was named Chief Advocacy & Industry Relations Officer.

All have many years of experience and tenure at The Recording Academy within their respective departments and these titles more accurately reflect what have become their current roles within The Academy and within their respective business communities. All five executives will continue to report directly to Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy.

"Thanks to The Academy's Board of Trustees' vote of confidence through their extension of my contract, it's a great pleasure to thank and recognize some of my extraordinary team who have helped to create the success that we've achieved over the years" said Portnow. "Much of this growth can be attributed to the efforts of these five exceptional executives.

"Bill Freimuth's insight, thorough knowledge and innovative approach to managing our Awards process have helped us to successfully stay relevant and current in a rapidly changing and complex music environment. And as our company and operations have grown in size and complexity, Gaetano Frizzi has effectively led our HR efforts with efficiency, developing a diverse and inclusive workplace with great care and compassion for our extraordinary staff alongside our elected leaders across the country. ‎‎

"Branden Chapman has excelled in taking our events and related processes to higher levels, coupled with his work on developing the international reach and profile of The Academy. Rick Engdahl has developed and fine-tuned our technical proficiency, capabilities and infrastructure, helping to make us a leader in our field. Daryl Friedman has helped to shape policy, initiatives, and relationships both in Washington, D.C., and industrywide, making The Academy a thought leader and one of the most highly respected organizations with respect to issues of critical importance to the creative music community.

"All do exemplary work in their respective fields, and each has been integral in raising the bar and moving the GRAMMY brand forward in their respective areas. Their numerous contributions and solid industry and board relationships are an invaluable asset to our organization, and I look forward to continuing collaborating with these trusted individuals."

Previously, Freimuth was Vice President, Awards; Frizzi was Vice President, Human Resources & Development; Chapman was Vice President, Production & Process Management; Engdahl was Vice President, Information Technology; and Friedman was Vice President, Advocacy & Government Relations.

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