The GRAMMY Quiz: Are You A Do-Gooder?

Take our do-gooder quiz and read about more do-gooders in the latest issue of GRAMMY
November 08, 2010 -- 10:06 am PST

You think you're pretty socially responsible, but are you? Calculate your score below to find out. To read about musicians giving back and doing good, including Farm Aid's 25-year legacy, benefit albums that rock, and the work of The Recording Academy's MusiCares and GRAMMY Foundations, view the latest issue of GRAMMY.

(Select the best answer for you, then add up your points)

1) Last year, I gave away:
A: The proceeds from all my concerts (10)
B: The royalties from my mid-chart single (5)
C: The T-shirt concession at one show (1)
D: Free autographs to a few people at the airport (0)

2) I have adopted ____ Malawian children:
A: More than 20 (10)
B: 10–19 (8)
C: Two (3)
D: One, but I sent the kid back on a plane by himself (-10)

3) To reduce my carbon footprint while on tour, I…
A: Carpool with Laurie David (10)
B: Fuel the bus with leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken oil (9)
C: Settle for domestic green M&M's instead of Belgian chocolates in my dressing room (1)
D: Walk onstage rather than descend from an elaborately engineered cage-like thing surrounded by smoke (0)

4) When I heard that several musicians were boycotting shows in Arizona to protest the tough new immigration law, I…
A: Canceled my own dates there and offered to fly out and make a speech, à la Shakira (8)
B: Signed on to help make a video modeled after the Sun City anti-apartheid campaign (7)
C: Felt irritated with Zach de la Rocha, leader of the boycott effort, for potentially making me look bad (0)
D: Called my agent to book a gig there (-1)

5) My tweets are often:
A: Exhortations on the importance of getting out the vote or supporting the troops (9)
B: Updates on the organizations that will be on hand with buttons and petitions near the merch table (5)
C: Kanye-esque observations about random stuff (0)
D: Complaints about my bandmates' foot odor (-2)

6) Neil Young has the Bridge School Benefit, John Mellencamp has Farm Aid and Mariah Carey has Camp Mariah. To help ease the burden on the cash-strapped during the recession, I have…
A: Agreed to play a series of free concerts to benefit music programs in local schools (10)
B: A link to Dress for Success on my website (5)
C: Set up a system for fans to donate money I can use to record a new album. Why should they be deprived of new music during hard times? (0)
D: Announced a 50 percent off sale on my first EP (-2)

7) With whom do you most identify?
A: Mahatma Gandhi (10)
B: Dudley Do-Right (8)
C: My musical mentor, despite his revoked driver's license (1)
D: Kim Jong-il (-10)

8) Because I care about animal rights, I…
A: Am a spokesperson for the ASPCA (10)
B: Am a vegan (6)
C: Wrote a song about my dog (1)
D: Don't bite the heads off bats onstage (0)

9) When people throw objects at me onstage, I…
A: Gather and donate them (8)
B: Urge them to throw only recyclables (2)
C: Keep everything that doesn't reek of beer, except stuff made using child labor (1)
D: Duck (0)

10) I started my own foundation because…
A: I needed to make a positive difference in the world (10)
B: I wanted to help others, plus good karma for me (5)
C: Everyone else was starting one (1)
D: I honestly thought a tax shelter was housing for the homeless (-5)

11) I took a year off from recording and touring to…
A: Become an aid worker in a third-world country (10)
B: Travel among indigenous peoples and understand the challenges of poverty and oppression (8)
C: Recharge my batteries on my Caribbean island (1)
D: Avoid fulfilling my onerous recording contract (0)

12) To show my support for inner-city youth, I…
A: Built a LEED-certified housing project complete with a homework lab and rec room in my home city (10)
B: Volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters (7)
C: Recruit the ones who dress nicest for my music videos (2)
D: Tell them to "keep pimpin'" when I pass them on the street in my Bentley (1)

13) Helping others:
A: Is life's purpose (10)
B: Is a satisfying feeling (8)
C: Is great when time permits, and they deserve it (2)
D: Seems overrated (0)

Answer Key
More than 75 points: Bob Geldof would be proud
40–74 points: You're got convinctions and though you may not be a charitable trailblazer, you're setting an example for future musical do-gooders
20–40 points: Let's be honest, you're kind of a poser
Less than 20 points: Come on, what happened to sharing is caring?

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