How Do You Like Your Music?

Results from the GRAMMY Magazine Survey revealed
November 02, 2011 -- 7:00 am PDT

(The following is an excerpt from the results of the GRAMMY Magazine Survey. Originally published in the summer issue of GRAMMY, the survey featured questions spanning topics such as consumption, live music, technology, and entertainment.)

In the summer issue of GRAMMY, we invited you to respond to a survey that would give us a general sense of how our readers are engaging, interacting and feeling about music and the industry today. The survey results reflect a non-scientific sampling of Recording Academy members, visitors and followers of the GRAMMYs on Facebook and Twitter.

We'll let the results speak mostly for themselves, though we'll note a couple surprises, and non-surprises. In the former category, despite regular, seemingly cataclysmic news about the music business, nearly 50 percent of respondents said they'd launch a record label in today's business climate. And the No. 1 reason consumers cite for their music retailer of choice? Ease of use, which ranked well ahead of price.

Not so surprising? Facebook had more than three times the responses than its nearest competitor for social network of choice (maybe the surprise is that it wasn't a larger difference). Social networks won the cultural impact derby hands down. And music remains our readers' No. 1 entertainment of choice.

As for Myspace making a comeback in the social network wars? Looks like Justin Timberlake and team have their work cut out for them, though we wouldn't put a success story past The Social Network star.


Which is the general-market social media network you use most?
Facebook 65%
Twitter 19.9%
Do not use social media 6.8%
LinkedIn 5.3%
Other 1.9%
Myspace 1%


Would you start a record label today?
No 50.5%
Yes 49.5%


Which is your No. 1 entertainment choice?
Music 56.1%
Surfing the Web/social networking 14.1%
Television 12.2%
Movies 11.2%
Books 5.4%
Video games 1%

(To view the complete results from the GRAMMY Magazine Survey, click here.)

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