GRAMMYs On The Road With Toro Y Moi And Andrew Christopoulos

Backstage at the 2012 Lollapalooza festival
  • Photo: Courtney Vokey
    Toro Y Moi
  • Photo: Pam Fraser Art
    Andrew Christopoulos
August 17, 2012 -- 4:41 pm PDT

The Recording Academy Chicago Chapter played host for GRAMMYs On The Road at Lollapalooza on Aug. 3–5 in Grant Park in Chicago. The Chapter conducted exclusive backstage interviews with artists performing at the festival, including pop/electronica artist Toro Y Moi and pop singer/songwriter and pianist Andrew Christopoulos.

Toro Y Moi discussed his musical start, his music production methodology and the state of musicianship today, among other topics.

"Playing music professionally was always a dream of mine," said Toro Y Moi. "Since I was 8, [I've been] playing piano. From there on, I started learning more instruments and playing with musicians."

Toro Y Moi is the project of Columbia, S.C., native Chaz Bundick. Drawing on influences such as Animal Collective and Daft Punk, in 2010 he released Causers Of This featuring 11 tracks composed and produced by Bundick. His sophomore effort, Underneath The Pine, was released in 2011. The album was included on Pitchfork's list of top 50 albums in 2011.

Christopoulos discussed working with his father, George Christopoulos, his musical he style and technology, among other topics.

"I focus mostly on my songwriting," said Christopoulos. "It's pretty dark music and very passionate because I've been through a lot. … It's how I cope with a lot of things in my life."

Christopoulos began playing piano at age 7, but strayed from music in seventh grade after he was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a rare blood disease. In 2011 Christopoulos released the single "Know Your Name," which was produced by his father. He is also a member of the five-piece rock band Axidents, with whom he recently performed at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago.  

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(GRAMMYs On The Road at Lollapalooza: Interviews and news contributions by Ramon Alvarez-Smikle, Christina Castillo, Max O'Kane, and Emily Ornberg.)

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