GRAMMYs On The Road With Spac3man And Fresh Espresso

Backstage with Spac3man and Fresh Espresso at the Sasquatch! Music Festival
  • Spac3man
  • Fresh Espresso
June 12, 2012 -- 4:13 pm PDT

The Recording Academy Pacific Northwest Chapter played host for GRAMMYs On The Road At The Sasquatch! Music Festival, held May 25–28 in George, Wash. The Chapter conducted exclusive backstage interviews with artists performing at the festival, including Seattle rapper Spac3man and pop/hip-hop duo Fresh Espresso.

Spac3man discussed his early years, the Seattle and Portland, Ore., hip-hop scenes, and performing live, among other topics.

"When it comes to me in Seattle and getting on the scene, it was organic," said Spac3man. "It was like every step I made was the easiest step, but it took me so high so fast." 

Known for his high-energy live performances, Spac3man began his career as labelmate D. Black's "hype" man. In 2010 Spaceman released the mixtape Greetings Earthlings. Other singles Spac3man has released include "Fly Den A Muf*ka," "L's Up," "Dream" featuring Joe King, and "This Is That." In 2011 Spac3man released the mixtape Featuristic. He has performed with rap artists including 88 Keys, Method Man and Redman, among others.

Fresh Espresso's P Smoov and Rik Rude discussed how the duo met and started making music together, performing live versus recording, and the differences between the Los Angeles and Seattle music scenes, among other topics.

"We get wrapped up in the recording process and being recording musicians, but I think we stepped our game up on the performance right," said Rude.

"They're rewarding in very different ways," added P Smoov. "When you're recording in the studio it's a very controlled environment. … When you're live it's a very out-of- control environment."  

After connecting via Myspace while P Smoov was living in Los Angeles and Rude resided in Seattle, the former moved to the Pacific Northwest and the duo formed Fresh Espresso. In 2010 the duo released Glamour. Their most recent album, Bossalona, was released May 7 and features the single "Hush."

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