GRAMMYs On The Road With Damien Jurado And Don't Talk To The Cops!

Backstage with Damien Jurado and Don't Talk To The Cops! at the Sasquatch! Music Festival
  • Damien Jurado
  • Photo: J. Clifford
    Don't Talk To The Cops!
June 13, 2012 -- 4:45 pm PDT

The Recording Academy Pacific Northwest Chapter played host for GRAMMYs On The Road At The Sasquatch! Music Festival held in George, Wash. The Chapter conducted exclusive backstage interviews with artists performing at the festival, including folk singer/songwriter Damien Jurado and punk/dance group Don't Talk To The Cops!

Jurado discussed his most recent release, Maraqopa, music he's currently listening to and songwriting, among other topics.

"Maraqopa is a concept record [but] it's a different record thematically because in the past I've done records where the songs have different stories … [and] Maraqopa is an entire story," said Jurado. "It's about one man's search for true love."  

Seattle native urban folk singer/songwriter Jurado draws on influences such as Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Lou Reed, and Neil Young. In 1997 Jurado released his debut album, Waters Ave S. Two years later he released what is considered his breakthrough album, Rehearsals For Departure. Several albums followed throughout the early and mid-2000s and in 2008 Jurado released Caught In The Trees, which peaked at No. 46 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart. Released in February, Maraqopa peaked at No. 4 on the Top Heatseekers chart and is considered Jurado's "most adventurous and fulfilling work to date," according to

Don't Talk To The Cops! members Emecks, djblesOne and El Mizell discussed how they met, the type of music they play and musical influences, among other topics.

"We don't do anything to try to follow any kind of pattern," said djblesOne. "We just do what makes us happy and what's fun to us because at the end of the day if you're going to be making music you should love it. We just stay true to the things that we love."

Hailing from Seattle, Don't Talk To The Cops! features a combination of what they call "punk, dance, fun." The group consists of DJ/producer djblesOne, choreographer/vocalist Emecks and hype man El Mizell. In 2011 the group released their first album, Regular Show, followed by 2012's Let's Quit. Don't Talk To The Cops! are currently on tour throughout the United States, with select dates scheduled through September.

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