Give The Gift Of Music Campaign Revived

Marketing effort echoing pre-CD boom efforts designed to boost physical and digital sales
July 19, 2010 -- 2:18 pm PDT

Looking to spur both physical and digital music sales at a time when overall music sales in the United States have been on a continuous slide since 2000, the National Association of Recording Merchandisers and the RIAA have teamed to launch the Give The Gift Of Music campaign.

The campaign echoes a similar marketing effort bearing the same name from the early '80s, an era that pre-dated the CD sales boom that began later that decade. This time around, the campaign will reflect a dramatically changed music retail and marketing world, and will focus not just on physical retail, but also digital sales and social media awareness.

"We encourage the industry [to] use this new Give The Gift Of Music branding on in-store promotions, on websites, and in advertising and social media initiatives," said NARM President Jim Donio. "Studies show that there continues to be extraordinary potential in the gifting of music and this is a great time to educate consumers [about] the ways that music products — whether physical, digital, or mobile — can be gifted."

"This is an industry effort that taps into two enduring values: our love of music and the desire to share something that moves us deeply with our friends and family," said Mitch Bainwol, chairman and CEO of the RIAA.

The two organizations have created a logo that will be used to brand and build awareness for the campaign, and are encouraging retailers, artists and others to use the campaign on their websites, in advertising, and other promotional and social media initiatives, especially for this year's holiday season.

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