Geron Hoy Is An Acoustic Lunatic

Acoustic singer/songwriter visits The Recording Academy Philadelphia Chapter
  • Geron Hoy
June 05, 2012 -- 4:56 pm PDT

Trying to classify singer/songwriter Geron Hoy's sound as one specific genre of music is similar to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole — impossible. The Philadelphia-based artist combines elements of funk, folk and alternative into a sound that he describes as "trying to do the best I can." In an exclusive interview with at The Recording Academy Philadelphia Chapter offices, Hoy discussed songwriting, social media, his creative process, and having his song "Lady Crow" critiqued at The Recording Academy Philadelphia Chapter's Pitchathon event, among other topics.  

A self-taught guitarist, Hoy released his first album in 2007. His solo debut, Soldier, was released in 2011 featuring 10 tracks, including "Lady Crow" and "King Of Pangea."

"[It was] absolutely terrifying," says Hoy regarding having "Lady Crow" critiqued by a panel of producers and engineers during the Pitchathon. "[But] it was extremely rewarding and humbling."

In March Hoy independently released Lunatic featuring the single "Breakaway." Hoy made national news in late April when Howard Stern retweeted the album's title track helping promote Hoy's music to 1.1 million Twitter followers. Though Lunatic marks Hoy's sophomore solo release, his creative process is still left a bit to the fates.

"It kind of varies," said Hoy regarding his creative process. "Sometimes it's just a flash and there it is, and I try to get it down as fast as possible. … Sometimes I have to search for it.

"I don't have any set way, I just kind of hope for the best."

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