FYI/TMI: Olivia Wilde Tells Justin Bieber To Cover Up

Actress wants the pop star to put on a "f***ing shirt"; ASCAP reports increased royalty payments
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    Justin Bieber
  • Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
    Olivia Wilde
March 05, 2013 -- 10:38 am PST

(In an effort to keep you fully informed, and fully entertained, below we present today's FYI and TMI — news you need and news that's, well, sometimes needless….) 


ASCAP's Royalty Payments Increase In 2012
ASCAP's royalty payments increased to $827 million in 2012, up from $824 million in 2011, according to While royalty payments increased, ASCAP collected $941 million in revenue, a 4.5 percent decline from the previous year. The organization cited decreased royalty payments from the radio industry and retail background music services as a factor contributing to the revenue decline. 


Olivia Wilde Wants Justin Bieber To Cover Up
Belibers the world over may be clamoring for Justin Bieber to take it off, but actress Olivia Wilde wants the pop star, who was recently spotted shirtless in London, to cover up. "Bieber, put your f***ing shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)," Wilde tweeted. We doubt the Bieb's shirt went up in flames, but Wilde's tweets have sparked the wrath of Belibers everywhere. The actress' Twitter account has been bombarded with angry Bieber fans who want the 19-year-old to be their shirtless boyfriend, always.

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