Exclusive GRAMMY.com Interview With JT Hodges

Country singer/songwriter discusses his musical family and self-titled debut album
  • JT Hodges
March 13, 2013 -- 3:16 pm PDT

Country singer/songwriter JT Hodges recently visited The Recording Academy's Nashville Chapter and participated in an exclusive GRAMMY.com interview. Hodges discussed growing up in a musical family, the message he wants to communicate through his songs and his self-titled debut album, among other topics.

"We selected the 10 songs that we felt [were] a great introduction to who I am and to what I do," said Hodges. "We knew [the album] was left-of-center but we wanted to build it … we knew the record we were making and I wanted to come out and make a statement."

Hodges' talent formed as a child at his parents' Fort Worth, Texas-based Buffalo Sound Studios, which hosted sessions for artists such as GRAMMY winners T Bone Burnett and Michael Bolton. After moving to Nashville in 2009, Hodges signed with Toby Keith's Show Dog - Universal Music label. In 2011 Hodges released the single "Hunt You Down," which cracked the Top 40 on Billboard's Country Songs chart. Released in 2012, JT Hodges peaked at No. 23 on the Country Albums chart. Hodges co-wrote eight of the 10 tracks on the album, including "Hunt You Down," "Goodbyes Made You Mine" and "When I Stop Crying," a collaboration with GRAMMY winner Vince Gill. Hodges is scheduled to begin a North American tour in April, with dates scheduled through September. Hodges is also scheduled to perform on the Country Cruising cruise in January 2014.

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