Global Spin: Avalanche Kaito Deliver A Magnetic Performance Of "Toulele" On A Stage Constructed From A Playground
Avalanche Kaito

Photo: Davide Belotti


Global Spin: Avalanche Kaito Deliver A Magnetic Performance Of "Toulele" On A Stage Constructed From A Playground

Avalanche Kaito — whose music combines West African griot storytelling with scuzzy noise punk — offer a live performance that's just as imaginative and unexpected as the trio's musical foundation in this rendition of "Toulele."

GRAMMYs/Aug 16, 2022 - 05:01 pm

Two vastly different musical styles and cultural worlds collide in Avalanche Kaito, a trio led by West African griot and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse.

Hailing from Lankoué — a village in the northern region of West African country Burkina Faso — Winse is a modern-day griot, carrying forward his country's tradition of oral storytelling through music. Winse is now based in Brussels, Belgium, and Avalanche Kaito was formed after he met two Brussels-based musicians: guitarist Nico Gritto and drummer/electronic musician Benjamin Chavel.

In this episode of Global Spin, the three artists deliver a colorful performance of their song "Toulele," embodying their cross-cultural and far-reaching musical stylings. At the heart of the music is the juxtaposition between an ancestral musical storytelling style and futuristic sonic instrumentation.

The group assembles inside a large, warehouse-style building for their performance, using an elaborately-constructed wooden playground as their stage. Each of the three performers gets a turn in the spotlight, with Winse's vocals giving way to scuzzy, electronic instrumental solos.

In other moments of the trio's 12-minute performance, Gritto and Chavel take a break from their instruments, allowing Winse a brief a capella moment. Here, it's easy to imagine the traditions that inspired his musical style, and to contemplate the griot sounds that span backwards through generations and continue to hold a prominent place in West African culture today.

"Toulele" is one of eight tracks on Avalanche Kaito's self-titled album, which arrived in June 2022. Listen to the album here, watch the group's full performance above, and keep checking back to for more episodes of Global Spin. 

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Global Spin: Manal Premieres "7iya," A Wavy New Single From Her Upcoming Second Album

Photo: Psycho Moustache


Global Spin: Manal Premieres "7iya," A Wavy New Single From Her Upcoming Second Album

Moroccan singer/songwriter Manal offers a sultry debut performance of her never-before-heard song, "7iya," from her forthcoming studio album.

GRAMMYs/Jan 24, 2023 - 06:45 pm

Moroccan pop singer Manal never expected to have a full-time career as a performer. She balanced her appearance on the Lebanese reality competition series Star Academy with her business and finance studies before eventually pursuing a Master's degree and a Ph.D.

But after a whirlwind few years of posting covers on YouTube and independently releasing music, Manal signed with Sony Music Middle East and skyrocketed to fame with her major label debut single, "Taj," in 2018. She's since released her first album, 360, in 2021, and was featured in the 2022 FIFA World Cup soundtrack.

In this episode of Global Spin, Manal enters her next chapter with a premiere of her newest release, "7iya." Clad in traditional jewelry, she pays homage to her Moroccan heritage as she simultaneously sings in her native language, Arabic. The simplistic set allows Manal's vocals to take center stage as she dances slowly around an empty white room.

"7iya" is the second single from Manal's upcoming second studio album, following the release of "3ari" in March 2022.

"My second album is even more important to me than my first one," she teased in an interview with L'Officiel Arabia. "You're going to be able to get to know another aspect of my personality in this project."

Press play on the video above to watch Manal's exclusive performance of "7iya," and keep checking back to every Tuesday for more new episodes of Global Spin. 

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Global Spin Live: LAY Combines East And West With A Magnetic Performance Of "Veil" At The GRAMMY Museum

Photo: Zhang Yixing Studio


Global Spin Live: LAY Combines East And West With A Magnetic Performance Of "Veil" At The GRAMMY Museum

Chinese rapper LAY combines traditional Chinese instruments with contemporary Western choreography in this live performance of "Veil."

GRAMMYs/Jan 17, 2023 - 06:00 pm

With every release, singer/songwriter LAY has paid homage to his Chinese heritage. His latest EP, West, is no different, as he croons over the sounds of traditional instruments.

Released as a sequel to his 2021 EP, East, West continues LAY's global exploration and comprehension of western culture through the lens of his upbringing in China. "I'm a proud Chinese person first before an artist," LAY detailed in a media conference. "I just want to share the good things about my culture. I hope it inspires others to do the same."

In this episode of Global Spin Live, LAY offers a highly energetic performance of West's lead single, "Veil," at the GRAMMY Museum. He smoothly transitions between English and his native language, Mandarin.

It's a metaphor for LAY's multicultural mindset that's not only manifested in his lyricism, but additionally in the song's choreography and production; he balances contemporary hip-hop moves with the soft tapping of the Chinese erhu.

Though West presents two versions of "Veil" — one in Mandarin and one predominantly in English — LAY performs the latter on the GRAMMY Museum stage. "'Veil' is [asking listeners to] be more real. Take off your mask and show me the real you," he shares, further emphasizing the message of "Veil" that encourages listeners to share our most authentic selves.

Global Spin Live is held in conjunction with GRAMMY Museum and as a live event extension of the popular online series, Global Spin, showcasing Global Music artists. Press play on the video above to watch LAY's suave performance of "Veil," and check back to for more episodes of Global Spin.

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Global Spin: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Bounces Her Way Through A Colorful Performance Of "Candy Racer"
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu



Global Spin: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Bounces Her Way Through A Colorful Performance Of "Candy Racer"

Japanese star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu transports fans into a bright, glittery fantasy world in this Vocaloid-inspired performance of "Candy Racer."

GRAMMYs/Jan 10, 2023 - 06:00 pm

Known for her eccentric, brightly colored outfits and electric synthpop melodies, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has long reigned as the queen of Harajuku kawaii culture.

"I don't really have that much of a negative [perception] of being viewed as a kawaii culture icon," she told NYLON magazine in 2021. "That shows what Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is for a lot of people: it's this character that lives in the virtual world." And, with her fifth studio album, Candy Racer, the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu character lives on.

In this episode of Global Spin, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu delivers a vibrant performance of the album's title track. As she sings under colorful flashing lights and images of soundwaves, the kawaii persona shines through with playful  vocals and signature Japanese decora fashion.

With Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's autotuned vocals and 8-bit sound effects, she immerses herself into the cartoon universe of "Candy Racer." "Come on now, glittering Tokyo, hurry life/ Painting the future, Candy Racer," she cheerfully chants.

Candy Racer arrived in 2021, which marked 10 years since Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's debut. Like the colorful performance, the album takes inspiration from iconic anime Vocaloid voicebanks like Hatsune Miku. Candy Racer is her first release under Nippon Columbia's KRK Lab, a record label created and owned by the star herself.

Press play on the video above to watch Kyary Pamyu Pamyu cruise through the Japan neon in this hypnotizing performance of "Candy Racer," and keep checking back to every Tuesday for more episodes of Global Spin.

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Press Play On GRAMMY U Mixtape: New Year, It’s Poppin'! Monthly Member Playlist


Press Play On GRAMMY U Mixtape: New Year, It’s Poppin'! Monthly Member Playlist

The GRAMMY U Mixtape is a monthly, genre-spanning playlist to quench your thirst for new tunes, all from student members. GRAMMY U celebrates new beginnings with fresh pop tunes that will kickstart 2023.

GRAMMYs/Jan 6, 2023 - 12:17 am

Did you know that among all of the students in GRAMMY U, songwriting and performance is one of the most sought after fields of study? We want to create a space to hear what these students are creating today!

The GRAMMY U Mixtape, now available for your listening pleasure, highlights the creations and fresh ideas that students are bringing to this industry directly on the Recording Academy's Spotify and Apple Music pages. Our goal is to celebrate GRAMMY U members, as well as the time and effort they put into making original music — from the songwriting process to the final production of the track.

Each month, we accept submissions and feature 20 to 25 songs that match that month’s theme. This month we're ringing in 2023 with our New Year, It's Poppin'! playlist, which features fresh pop songs that bring new year, new you vibes. Showcasing talented members from our various chapters, we felt these songs represented the positivity and hopefulness that GRAMMY U members embody as they tackle this upcoming year of exciting possibilities.

So, what’s stopping you? Press play on GRAMMY U’s Mixtape and listen now on Spotify below and Apple Music.

Want to be featured on the next playlist? Submit your songs today! We are currently accepting submissions for songs of all genres for consideration for our February playlist. Whether you write pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, or classical, we want to hear from you. Music must be written and/or produced by the student member (an original song) and you must be able to submit a Spotify and/or Apple Music link to the song. Students must be a GRAMMY U member to submit.


GRAMMY U is a program that connects college students with the industry's brightest and most talented minds and provides those aspiring professionals with the tools and opportunities necessary to start a career in music.     

Throughout each semester, events and special programs touch on all facets of the industry, including the business, technology, and the creative process.

As part of the Recording Academy's mission to ensure the recorded arts remain a thriving part of our shared cultural heritage, GRAMMY U establishes the necessary foundation for music’s next generation to flourish.

Not a member, but want to submit to our playlist? Apply for GRAMMY U Membership here.