5 Questions With ... Scars On 45

English indie quintet visits The Recording Academy
September 16, 2011 -- 3:08 pm PDT

English indie quintet Scars On 45 were the recent guest for an installment of The Recording Academy's 5 Questions With … series. Held at The Academy's headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., Scars On 45 discussed the origin of their name, their songwriting process, the formation of the band, touring the United States, and advice for aspiring musicians, among other topics.

"I can honestly say that we've fallen in love with the place," said vocalist/guitarist Danny Bemrose on touring in the United States. "We can go from playing in New York and Los Angeles [to] San Francisco [and] Whitefish, Montana, and every single person [has] welcomed [us] with open arms."

Formed in Leeds, England, by Bemrose after he suffered a foot injury from playing professional soccer, Scars On 45 features Aimee Driver (vocals), Chris Durling (drums), Stuart Nichols (bass), and David "Nova" Nowakowski (keyboards). The group's sound is described as a combination of the "gentle melodic intensity of Snow Patrol or Keane with the added allure of co-ed vocals." The group derived their name from an interview with Emmylou Harris in which the GRAMMY-winning artist recalled her father advising her not to get any "scars on his 45s" as she played them. After their song "Beauty's Running Wild" was featured on an episode of "CSI: NY," the band was signed to Chop Shop Records and in January released an EP, Give Me Something. The band's "Heart On Fire" is featured on the soundtrack for the current season of "Grey's Anatomy." Scars On 45 are currently on tour throughout the United States with rock/R&B artist Marc Broussard.

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