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Louisiana-based indie/pop quintet visits The Recording Academy
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June 17, 2011 -- 1:30 pm PDT

For Givers performances: http://bit.ly/ioK65J

On June 2 indie/pop quintet Givers visited The Recording Academy's headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., for an installment of 5 Questions With … . The group discussed music education, their songwriting process, the origin of their name, and recording their debut album, In Light, among other topics.

"The most organic songwriting process is people getting in the same room, [with] no pre-meditated music, and just [playing]," said vocalist/guitarist Taylor Guarisco. "That's what we did — getting together and just playing, and letting whatever we thought of at that moment come out. Everybody's input molded these songs to be a full collaborative process."

Formed in Lafayette, La., Givers are comprised of Kirby Campbell (drums/samples/vocals), Guarisco, Tiffany Lamson (vocals/percussion/ukulele), Josh LeBlanc (bass), and Nick Stephan (synthesizer). Inspired by the culture and traditions of their native Louisiana, the band describes their sound as "Afro-beat, dancey pants, indie/pop love music." On June 7 Givers released their first full-length debut album, In Light. They have toured with artists such as the Dirty Projectors and Ra Ra Riot, and were named one of the 10 Acts That Rocked South By Southwest by Time magazine. Givers — a name derived from a song by Lucky Dragons — are currently on tour throughout the United States.

Come back to GRAMMY.com on June 21 for Givers' exclusive performance at The Recording Academy.

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