5 Questions With ... Capital Cities

Electro/pop band discusses creative inspirations and forthcoming debut album
  • Capital Cities
March 07, 2013 -- 11:35 am PST

Los Angeles-based electro/pop band Capital Cities were the recent guests for an installment of The Recording Academy's 5 Questions With … series. Held at The Recording Academy's headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., Capital Cities' Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian discussed their creative inspirations, how writing commercial jingles has helped them grow as musicians and their forthcoming full-length debut album.

"When we're writing music I live for those moments where we stumble across something that's so beautiful," said Merchant. "When we come up with a beat, or come up with a melody, and we're playing it back through the speakers and we know that we're on to something … [it's] those peak moments within [our] musical life are what drive me to continue writing."

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Capital Cities are fronted by Merchant and Simonian, who compose professionally under the moniker Lazy Hooks. The duo released the digital singles "Safe And Sound," "Patience Got Us Nowhere Fast" and "I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo" among several others, which were compiled on a self-released EP. The band signed with Capitol Records in 2012 and the EP was subsequently re-released. "Safe And Sound" cracked the Top 30 on Billboard's Rock Songs chart. When performing live, Capital Cities feature trumpeter Spencer Ludwig, guitarist Nick Merwin and bassist Manuel Quintero. Their full-length debut album is scheduled to be released in June. Capital Cities will perform at the South by Southwest festival this month and are scheduled to tour North America through June. 

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