5 Questions With ... 2AM Club

Pop/rock group's Marc Griffin and Tyler Cordy visit The Recording Academy New York Chapter
  • 2AM Club
February 27, 2012 -- 3:00 pm PST

Vocalist Marc Griffin and emcee Tyler Cordy of the pop/rock collective 2AM Club were the recent guests for an installment of The Recording Academy's 5 Questions With … series. Held at The Recording Academy New York Chapter, Griffin and Cordy discussed the band's biggest career moments, utilizing social media and advice for aspiring artists, among other topics.

"We've always wanted to make sure that there was an open line of communication between us and anyone who is giving us the time to listen to the music that we're writing," said Cordy. "It makes you want to work harder and become better when you see someone from Indonesia who is in love with your music, and [they write] you and [tell] you what it means to them," added Griffin.

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Formed in Los Angeles in 2007, 2AM Club features Cordy, Dave Dalton (keyboards), Griffin, Matt Reagan (guitar), and Matt "Sauce" Warshauer (bass). After recording a demo with producer and former Talking Heads guitarist Jerry Harrison, the band earned a residency performing at the Derby in L.A.. In 2008 the group landed a record deal with RCA Records and subsequently moved to New York. 2AM Club released their debut album, What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? in 2010, spawning the Mainstream Top 40 hit "Worry About You." The group is currently working on their sophomore album, and released a new song, "Love Notes," on Feb. 14.

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