Addiction Recovery Programs


Safe Harbor Room

MusiCares has become a leading force in the effort to identify, raise awareness of and address the problems of addiction in our industry. In addition to the financial assistance that is available, MusiCares also provides addiction recovery support through its Safe Harbor Room program, supported by the Bohemian Foundation. MusiCares established its first Safe Harbor Room backstage at the 39th Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast to provide a support system to artists and crew members struggling with addiction issues. Staffed by qualified chemical dependency and intervention specialists, the Safe Harbor Room offers a support network to those in recovery while they are participating in the production of televised music shows and other major music events. MusiCares has expanded the Safe Harbor Room program to include locations and venues throughout the country. See a list of upcoming MusiCares Safe Harbor Rooms here.

MusiCares operates an Addiction Recovery Program that recognizes those issues unique to musicians in recovery, at any stage of their career, and whether they are on tour or performing locally.


Addiction Recovery Support Groups

MusiCares addiction support groups are provided for people in the music industry to discuss how to best cope with the issues surrounding the recovery process. Weekly mixed aftercare groups take place in the following cities:

Austin, Texas
Fort Collins, Colo.
Los Angeles
New York

For more information about these meetings, contact MusiCares.


MusiCares Connection

This recovery support network identifies music people in recovery who are willing to offer their support to others going through the recovery process. The network consists of individuals, nationwide, who will assist music people on the road by meeting them at the airport, at a venue or at their hotel and take them to a recovery support meeting.

Personal attention and confidential care is given to anyone who contacts MusiCares. When a call comes into MusiCares, professionally trained staff will evaluate the situation, provide crisis intervention if needed and offer any appropriate referrals to local and national organizations. They review the financial assistance application with the applicant and go over the approval process. Clients are notified as soon as possible what resources are available to them. Approved financial assistance grants are always paid directly to a third party or creditor.


The MusiCares MAP Fund

MusiCares developed the MusiCares MAP Fund as a pool of resources set aside specifically to address addiction and recovery needs. Named for the Musicians' Assistance Program, the fund represents the joint goal of MAP and MusiCares to provide members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial condition.

The MusiCares MAP Fund acknowledges that a vital part of recovery consists of ongoing support and sound aftercare services. Group support is an essential component to successful recovery. Historically there have been three support groups offered at the Hollywood site for MusiCares MAP Fund clients. Facilitated by qualified Addiction Recovery Specialists, these groups provide a safe environment and additional support to clients addressing addiction issues. The groups are 60 – 90 minutes in length and occur on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. All MusiCares MAP Fund groups are free of charge. Groups are mandatory for current MAP Fund clients but are voluntary for alumni and other music industry professionals interested in additional support.

Over the next few months, MusiCares plans to offer recovery support groups around the country in several Chapter cities. These groups will be facilitated with trained Addiction Recovery Specialists who have the education, experience and knowledge to provide exceptional supportive care. These groups will also be free of charge and open to alumni, current MAP Fund clients and interested music industry individuals. We acknowledge that a vital part of recovery is support and aftercare services. The implementation of these new groups will help ensure that MAP Fund clients are receiving the tools that they need in order to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle.


MAP Fund Sober Connection Expansion

MusiCares began the establishment of a recovery network service approximately five years ago. It was created to identify music people who are in recovery and are willing to offer their support to others going through the recovery process. The network consists of individuals nationwide who will provide a touring musician with support via meeting them at an airport, providing hospitality, confidential support and/or transportation to and from a 12-step meeting. We are currently in the process of expanding this resource and compiling the participant information on an electronic database, which will be easily accessible to all our Health and Human Service staff.