MusiCares Newsletters

As a nonprofit organization established by The Recording Academy more than 20 years ago, it delights and inspires all of MusiCares when we hear from someone whose life has been touched by our work. We are similarly heartened when these individuals are moved to give back or pay their gift forward as a way of acknowledging the circle of philanthropy that surrounds all of our lives. As you read more about how MusiCares is sustaining the community of music makers, we invite you to take a moment to consider how music touches you every single day, and consider honoring those experiences by making a contribution to our efforts.

Please note that in January 2017, the GRAMMY Museum integrated its staff and resources with the GRAMMY Foundation to form a single Recording Academy-affiliated organization in an effort to widen its reach in the areas of education and music preservation. Newsletters prior to this date featured stories from both MusiCares and the GRAMMY Foundation. Going forward, the newsletter will be dedicated to MusiCares, allowing us to share more achievements, stories, and facts with our supporters.

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