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Each person who contacts MusiCares for assistance has a unique need. Some of our client situations may appear similar, but no two are alike. One person may call us with a medical condition, while the next call may be related to a substance abuse issue or a dental need. While all of our services are confidential, we strive to remain as transparent as possible and provide our donors and supporters with information regarding how many clients we are providing aid to on an annual basis and for what type of situation our dollars are being distributed.

Below are two graphs that outline to date how many clients we have assisted this fiscal year and how much funding has been distributed. The graphs show the top eight areas where clients most frequently need our assistance: basic living needs, dental care, substance abuse treatment, equipment replacement, funeral and burial costs, medical care, psychotherapy, and other needs.

Each area of the charts show the percentage of clients who reach out to us for one of the specific areas listed above and how much of our funding goes toward that specific category of need. As noted in the charts, some of the needs of our clients are much more costly than others. For example, substance abuse is expensive and MusiCares provides most of our substance abuse clients with the greatest care available — a 30-day inpatient stay at a treatment facility. Given how expensive it is to provide this type of care, we see a smaller percentage of clients for this issue, but do distribute a greater amount of resources to provide this care. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a large percentage of clients who come to us for dental needs or attend our dental clinics. The average cost for that care is much less than many of the other areas that we fund. Therefore, the percentage of clients receiving that type of assistance is greater than the percentage of dollars we distribute for that need.

We are fortunate at MusiCares to be able to cover such a wide range of needs for our clients and to do so in a manner that provides vital resources to each person who knocks on our door.

990 FYE 17/18 (PDF)

MusiCares Foundation's Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax filing with the Internal Revenue Service.

990 FYE 16/17 (PDF)

MusiCares Foundation's Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax filing with the Internal Revenue Service.

990 FYE 15/16 (PDF)

MusiCares Foundation's Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax filing with the Internal Revenue Service.

FY 15/16 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

Financial information for MusiCares is reported on a fiscal year basis ending July 31.

Financial Assistance (PDF)
A graphical representation of MusiCares' financial assistance expenditures. 

IRS Determination Letter (PDF)
IRS designation of MusiCares as a charitable organization under section 501(c)(3).



2015–2016 Community Services Report

Each year, for thousands of members of the music community, MusiCares is the safety net that carries them through difficult and burdensome times.

From our Emergency Financial Assistance Program providing a wide range of basic living expenses and medical and dental care and our proactive Healthy Essentials screenings and workshops, to our MusiCares MAP Fund addiction recovery programs, MusiCares provides critical resources to music people in need. We are attuned to the critical issues that artists and industry professionals face each day and our initiatives demonstrate our ongoing commitment.

Our annual Community Services Report documents the highlights of the past fiscal year and celebrates the generosity of our supporters. We invite you to discover the ways in which MusiCares has offered hope and genuine help to our clients.

MusiCares CSR, 2015-2016

View the current 2015–2016 Community Services Report

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