Membership FAQ

Membership is the lifeblood of the Recording Academy. Therefore, having an active, representative membership base is fundamental to everything we do. Recording Academy members comprise a collective voice, the impact of which increases exponentially with each addition. Together, we have the opportunity to play a part in creating a better world for music and its makers.


Why should I join the Recording Academy?

Recording Academy membership is a privilege reserved for those whose excellent professional accomplishments are matched by their passion for the music community. Through membership, you have the ability to move our industry forward. As a member, you are able to:

  • Participate in the GRAMMY Awards process, including submitting projects for GRAMMY Awards consideration, proposing rule changes to the awards process, and, for voting members only, voting for the GRAMMY Awards
  • Advocate collectively to protect the rights of music makers and advance creators’ interests on important policy matters
  • Connect through member-only initiatives, programs, and events
  • Run for a Recording Academy Board and/or participate on advisory committees, and vote in Chapter elections
  • Help fellow music people get by during times of need through MusiCares' charitable work and programs
  • Support music preservation and education through the GRAMMY Museum’s philanthropic work to keep music in our schools and introduce its power and legacy to young people everywhere 
  • Participate in the Recording Academy’s GRAMMY U mentorship programs and training sessions, which aim to lift up music’s next generation of aspiring creative and business leaders

Why is the Recording Academy membership process evolving?

Reflecting the peer-driven process that fuels the GRAMMY Awards, Recording Academy membership will now also be a community-driven, peer-reviewed process moving forward. Through the membership invitation process, music industry peers identify and recommend other qualified professionals to join the Recording Academy’s ranks. The Recording Academy is rolling out this new membership model in an ongoing effort to foster a more representative and relevant membership body.

What are the requirements to be considered for an invitation to join the Recording Academy?

  • Two recommendations from music professionals with whom you’ve worked
  • At least 12 commercially distributed credits (six will be accepted if physically distributed), one within the past five years
  • Independently verified career materials relevant to your profession

A complete list of Recording Academy membership qualifications can be found here.

I want to vote for the next GRAMMY Awards. When do I need to complete my new member submission?

To be considered for an initiation to join, all candidates must have submitted two recommendations, along with a completed professional profile, to the Recording Academy by March 1 of the year prior to the GRAMMY Awards ceremony in which they would like to be eligible to vote. For example, if you would like to vote in the 62nd GRAMMY Awards, taking place in January 2020, you need to provide your recommendations and career materials by March 1, 2019.

If I submit a new member submission for consideration, but don't receive an invitation, can I try again next year?

Yes. You may submit your recommendations and career materials for Recording Academy membership consideration as many times as you would like.

Once I receive an invitation, how do I officially become a member?

When you are invited to join the Recording Academy, you will receive a link to a membership activation page, where you can enter your email address and unique Candidate Code to take the next steps in joining and setting up your Recording Academy account.

How much does Recording Academy membership cost?

Recording Academy membership dues are $100 annually.

What do my membership dues cover?

Your annual membership dues help us give back to the music community in the following ways:

  • Year-round advocacy work to help pass legislation that benefits music creators
  • MusiCares' health and human services supporting music people in need
  • The GRAMMY Museum's music preservation and education initiatives
  • GRAMMY U's mentorship and internship programs

Why do I need to choose a specific Recording Academy Chapter in which to belong?

As a Recording Academy member, you are welcome to participate in activities nationwide. Designating the Chapter closest to your business and personal activities ensures that you receive more relevant updates and information from us. You are also eligible to run for local Board positions within your designated Chapter. You may change your Chapter affiliation at any time.

Do I need to go through the Peer Review process if I was previously a member?

The changes to the qualification system are for new members who would like to be considered for an invitation to join. If you are a previous member whose membership has been expired for more than five years, you will also need to go through the process as a new member.

As part of an ongoing effort to ensure all members are still actively working in music, renewing members may be asked to demonstrate recent credits and career materials in order to maintain their Recording Academy membership. The Peer Review Panel will also review this information prior to accepting the renewal.

How do I renew my membership?

If you have been expired for less than five years, you can renew anytime by logging in at or by calling 866.794.3391. If your membership has been expired for more than five years, you should proceed as if you are new member.

Who can make recommendations for membership in the Recording Academy?

Anyone working full-time in the music industry may recommend two people each membership year. If you are a current member of the Recording Academy, you can login to your account to make a recommendation. If you are not a current Academy member, please download the Recommendation Form here.

I’d like to recommend a potential member to the Recording Academy. What should I consider?

Before submitting your recommendation, consider all of the qualifications necessary for becoming a Voting or Professional member (click here for the full list of qualifications). The Peer Review Panel will review the entire portfolio of a candidate’s career before deciding on an invitation. If you don’t feel your potential candidate meets these qualifications yet, feel free to offer guidance on what they need to build professionally before submitting for Academy membership consideration.

What if I want to recommend more than two people for Recording Academy membership?

You may only recommend two people per membership cycle. After March 1 of every year, your recommendation count resets. You may encourage others in the music industry to recommend other potential new members at any time.

How do I reach a person to speak with about membership?

You may contact the Recording Academy Membership Department at or 866.794.3391 with any membership questions.