GRAMMY Living Histories

Seven-time GRAMMY winner Gladys Knight is featured in the latest installment of GRAMMY Living History Moments


Program Overview

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GRAMMY Living Histories includes Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records

The Foundation's Living Histories program preserves on videotape the life stories of key recording industry professionals and visionaries who helped create the history of recorded sound. Comprehensive biographies and personal anecdotes of creative, business and technical music professionals weave a picture of the recording industry from the perspective of those who played integral roles in its development. Individual oral histories and profiles of pioneers, companies, cities, communities and other entities that have impacted the evolution of the music industry, comprise the three tiers of this ongoing endeavor. This footage is available for research purposes and is utilized by the GRAMMY Foundation and its partner organizations to develop educational video programs that tell the unique stories of our musical history through the unfiltered voices of the original participants. Such programs include the "Story Of Nashville Songwriting: 1955-1975," which describes the convergence of artistic passion, geographic proximity and business opportunity that helped make Nashville America's songwriting capital. The "Sounds Of Memphis" is a first-person narrative account of the evolution of Memphis into the Birthplace of Rock and Roll, the Home of the Blues and Soulsville, USA. Nearly 200 Living Histories have been completed documenting the life stories of artists, producers, technology pioneers, executives, songwriters and other important figures that created the history of recorded sound.

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