Grammy Alliance - Manager Page

The Recording Academy's Managers Think Tank

The Recording Academy has created a "Managers Think Tank" consisting of some of the nation's leading representatives of music creators. The GRAMMY Creators Alliance will leverage the Manager Think Tank to analyze the marketplace on behalf of their clients, identify new business issues that arise, and help craft long-term solutions that will create a sustainable music marketplace for creators and fans.

The GRAMMY Creators Alliance is a program of The Recording Academy, a non-profit membership organization representing songwriters, performers and studio professionals. The Recording Academy has no corporate members.

We thank the members of the Think Tank for working with The Recording Academy on these important issues.

| Mark Beaven | Will Botwin | Scooter Braun | Jay Brown | Troy Carter | Ansel Davis | Betsy McHugh | 
| Bruce Eskowitz | Jordan Feldstein | Marion Kraft | Ron Laffitte | Pat Magnarella | Susan Markheim |

| Michael McDonald | Daniel Miller | Simon Renshaw | Larry Rudolph | Bill Silva | John Silva  | 
| Damien Smith | Clarence Spalding | Ty Stiklorius | Gaines Sturdivant | Lee Trink | Caron Veazey |
| Dean Wilson |


Legal advisors include: Jay Cooper, Joel Katz, Dina LaPolt and Charles Ortner.