Why Wasn't [My Favorite Artist] Nominated?

With the recent announcement of 56th GRAMMY Awards nominations, in our inaugural Ask The GRAMMYs installment we feature a question pertaining to the Awards process:

Why haven't One Direction been nominated for a GRAMMY yet in their career? They are the biggest boy-band in the world and are very successful but yet, they haven't been nominated in the 3 years they've been around. — Hannah

Hannah, thanks for your question! Interestingly enough, we received many similar questions regarding other artists who did not receive a nomination. We here at GRAMMY.com cannot speak for the more than 12,000 Recording Academy voting members who vote on the nominations. However, we'll provide you with information about the GRAMMY Awards process and the manner in which nominations are selected, which may help clarify things for you.

Recording Academy members and record companies enter recordings and music videos released during the eligibility year. For the 56th GRAMMY Awards, the eligibility period was Oct. 1, 2012, through Sept. 30, 2013. This year, our Awards department registered a record number of submissions: more than 22,000.

The entries are then screened for eligibility and category placement by committees of experts actively involved in the music industry.

After the recordings have been screened, The Academy's voting members participate in (1) the nominating process that determines the five finalists in each category, which results in the final nominations list; and (2) the final voting process, which determines the GRAMMY winners that will be announced on the annual GRAMMY Awards telecast.

Who qualifies as a Recording Academy voting member? Glad you asked. Recording Academy voting members are professionals with creative or technical credits on six commercially released tracks (or their equivalent). These may include vocalists, conductors, songwriters, composers, engineers, producers, instrumentalists, and arrangers, among other creative professionals. In other words, GRAMMY winners are chosen by their peers: the musicians, artists, producers, and engineers. And their criteria are the artistic merit of the recording, not sales or chart positions.

As you can gather Hannah, there's a lot that goes into the GRAMMY Awards process. If you are interested in more information, please visit the Awards section at GRAMMY.org or view our handy Awards process infographic.

Finally, though 1D have yet to receive a nomination, we just want to point out that the GRAMMYs are indeed boy band-friendly. After all, two of the biggest boy bands of all time — Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync — scored seven and eight career GRAMMY nominations, respectively. And One Direction's Midnight Memories, which was released Nov. 25, 2013, will be within the eligibility period for the 57th GRAMMY Awards. So keep watching; anything is possible!

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