Unexpected GRAMMY Red-Carpet Appearances

(The following is featured in the List Issue of GRAMMY magazine. For more lists, read the full issue here.)

Tiara-Wearing Kid Reporters
When talk show host Ellen DeGeneres dispatched YouTube sensations Sophia Grace and Rosie to cover the 54th GRAMMY Awards red carpet in 2012, event frequent fashion shocker Rihanna was surprised. By the time they made their second appearance at the 55th telecast, these kid reporters weren't afraid to ask tough questions, such as, "Will you be our valentine?"

 photo 3caa3aba-cc9c-4844-b633-5ef886da93a9_zpsc3346981.jpg

Fashion Haters
"Who are you wearing?" We'd bet reporters didn't ask Billy Bob Thornton this popular question when the Bad Santa actor made a naughty anti-fashion statement on the 46th GRAMMY Awards red carpet in 2004.

 photo e06d65b6-0cff-45ca-b88a-478b08365a3c_zps46a0d977.jpg

With buddy Pepe the King Prawn by this side, Kermit the Frog hopped from "The Muppet Show" to the 50th GRAMMY Awards red carpet in 2008 to interview artists such as Miley Cyrus. Looks like it's easy being green in a tux.

 photo b293f76a-0191-4732-a8c1-aae2ba2d8661_zpsa21e1d0f.jpg

Cigar-Smoking Yugoslavian Mountain Hounds
Snoop Dogg isn't the only dog to show up on the GRAMMY red carpet. Triumph The Insult Comic Dog arrived at the 47th GRAMMY Awards in 2005 with a cigar, his finest suit and a few biting jokes.

 photo 63cf2bed-8264-4b86-93ea-fca518f6cfbf_zps6a6b5ea9.jpg

Ellen The Cleaner
Ever wonder why the GRAMMY red carpet looks so good? Well, two-time GRAMMY Awards telecast host Ellen DeGeneres took pains to keep it clean at the 42nd GRAMMYs in 2000. We're impressed she didn't need soap or water.

 photo 94d4ba5a-3220-4b7c-a685-2de294fe2f41_zps3cdf98ee.jpg

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