Three Bidders Left For WMG

Three Bidders Left For WMG
Following an April 14 report, the three companies left in the running to purchase Warner Music Group in its entirety have been identified as Access Industries, Platinum Equity and the Yucaipa Companies, according to While WMG's Board of Directors said it would consider additional bidders, a decision could come within the next three weeks. (4/19)

Ticketmaster To Introduce Dynamic Pricing
announced plans to introduce a dynamic pricing tool for concerts at North American venues this summer. Produced in partnership with analytics company MarketShare, the tool incorporates a pricing engine that will allow artists, promoters and venues to adjust ticket prices for live events based on consumer demand. Ticketmaster says the technology will provide fans with flexible pricing options while diminishing the potential profits of scalpers and ticket resellers. Ticketmaster will also utilize dynamic pricing for arts and theater events and sporting events this year. (4/19)

Apple IOS Platform Outreaches Android
According to a recent comScore report, Apple's iOS platform, available on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, has a combined reach of 37.9 million among all smart phones, tablets and other connected media devices, outperforming Android's reach of 23.8 million by 59 percent. (4/19)

BMI To Honor David Arnold
GRAMMY-winning composer David Arnold will be honored with the Richard Kirk Award for outstanding career achievement at the annual BMI Film & Television Awards on May 18 in Los Angeles. The award recognizes composers who have made significant contributions to film and television music. Past recipients include GRAMMY winners John Barry, Alan Menken, Alan Silvestri, and John Williams, among others. (4/19)

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