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By Clay Cook

The Recording Academy asked several Best New Artist nominees to write about what it's like to get that coveted nomination.

Wow. There's really no word or combination of words in the English language that can describe the elation that we feel. It's certainly an honor to be even considered for "Best New Artist" by The Recording Academy. Good company, ya know?

We were all at home when we found out about the nominations. It was rare to share that moment of joy with our significant others. Lately, we've been far away from home, on the road somewhere, when something monumental happens. It felt good to hug someone instead of texting them the good news.

Since we found out, some five weeks ago, we've played a slew of shows, spent Christmas at home, and spent a week in Florida writing the next album. During that time in Florida we delegated some of the time to brainstorming and arranging the details for our performance at this year's GRAMMY telecast. We're über-stoked about that.

2009 has been a bulldozer moving at ludicrous speed. At the beginning of the year we would've never dreamed that we would be nominated for three GRAMMYs and would be performing on this year's show. It's like a bad Hollywood script. I wouldn't go see this movie.

We know we're not the coolest option for Best New Artist, but we stand by our music. Bloggin' again soon.

Multi-instrumentalist Clay Cook is a member of Best New Artist nominees the Zac Brown Band. The band broke through this year with its major label debut The Foundation, which launched the country hit "Chicken Fried." Cook joined the band in January 2009.

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