The Pretty Reckless At House Of Blues Los Angeles

The Pretty Reckless At House Of Blues Los Angeles

  • The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen
    Photo: Catie Laffoon
  • The Pretty Reckless
    Photo: Catie Laffoon

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By Nicole Pajer
West Hollywood, Calif.

On Oct. 11 the Pretty Reckless took Los Angeles "to hell." Shortly after 10:30 p.m., the lights dimmed and a spotlight shined on adult film star/Taylor Momsen bestie Jenna Haze, who sat on a chair and suggestively moaned into a microphone. Following the erotic show, Momsen and her Pretty Reckless band appeared. As Momsen — clad in skintight pleather pants, tall boots, a long jacket, and a shirt bearing the insignia of the band's forthcoming sophomore album, Going To Hell — marched onstage, she grabbed the mic and belted out, "Los Angeles! What the f*** is up?" After thanking the crowd for coming, she kicked off the set with "Follow Me Down."

Over the next hour and a half, the Pretty Reckless plowed through tracks off their 2010 debut album, Light Me Up. While fans reveled in nostalgia over older favorites such as "Miss Nothing," "Since You're Gone" and "Hit Me Like A Man," everyone was bursting with curiosity over what the Going To Hell tracks were going to sound like. Six songs in, Momsen announced that the next song, "Sweet Things," was unreleased. A roar of applause ignited as a prerecorded intro of the song played and narrated, "This is a story of Peter and the wolf. Each character is going to be represented by a different character in the orchestra." The track opened with heavy guitar riffs and escalated into Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips taking turns vocally, leading the way through the twisted tale.

Halfway through the set, Momsen walked to the front of the stage to take inventory of the crowd. She shifted her gaze across the venue, standing still as she welcomed the applause. Once satisfied, she walked to the drum riser and did a backbend to face the crowd, urging her admirers to sing along to "Kill Me." The audience — which was an eclectic mix of rebellious, leather-jacket-wearing teens and baby boomers who proudly sported Pretty Reckless T-shirts — took every opportunity they could to sneak in a cell phone picture of the band's blonde starlet.

Highlights of the show included "My Medicine," which had the entire venue screaming out "Somebody mixed my medicine/I don't know what I'm on/Somebody mixed my medicine/But baby it's all gone!" The crowd peaked in energy during the last song of the set, the band's current single, "Going To Hell." A videographer filmed the audience as Momsen invited us to follow her to the dark side. She lifted up her shirt and suggestively grabbed her crotch in front of a giant cross with an arrow pointing down that was inscribed with "going to hell."

Momsen put on quite a show, leaning on the drum riser, shaking her body, and sliding up and down her bandmates. During "Cold Blooded," a romp around the floor left her with two giant holes in the knees of her leggings. The encore included an acoustic cover of Audioslaves' "Like A Stone" and "Just Tonight." The Pretty Reckless left us with a final new tune titled "F***ed Up World." Though Momsen ended the high-energy show dripping in sweat, she somehow managed to walk offstage with her signature black eyeliner remaining intact.

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Set List:

"Follow Me Down"
"Since You're Gone"
"Miss Nothing"
"Hit Me Like A Man"
"Sweet Thing"
"Cold Blooded "
"Kill Me"
"Going Down"
"Make Me Wanna Die"
"Going To Hell"

"Like A Stone" (Audioslave cover)
"Just Tonight"
"F***ed Up World"

(Nicole Pajer is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. She has written for a variety of publications, including BillboardRolling StoneMen's JournalHemispheresThe Red Bulletin,, the Honda Civic tour, Coachella CAMP, and more. Follow her on Twitter @NicolePajer.)

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