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"The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!!"
Nov. 30, 2011
Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, Los Angeles

11:00 ET/8:00 PT:
That's a wrap, everyone. Good night! Want to see a full list of 54th GRAMMY nominees? Go here. And don't forget to tune in to our special live stream chat until midnight ET/9 p.m.PT at http://www.grammy.com/live. As a special treat for fans at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, the Band Perry will play a special concert. Talk about the cherry on top!

10:59 ET/7:59 PT:
It's a genre-busting blowout at the end, the Sugarland/Lady Gaga team-up, and a fitting way to end a stirring, surprise-filled show. What category held the most surprises for you? Is anybody missing from the major categories? Any disappointments among the nominees or the performers? Please keep your comments coming! And thanks again for being with us. We're looking forward to more of the same on Music's Biggest Night in February. 
10:56 ET/7:56 PT:
Gaga, who is on piano, is trading lyrics with Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles on guitar, and it works. Beautifully. Who knew Gaga could share a stage so gracefully?

10:55 ET/7:55 PT:
What a concert! Lady Gaga and Sugarland are sending us off with a tagteam effort on Gaga's "You And I." Gaga's still got the Kiss-style eye makeup, but there's now a giant bow on her black-clad shoulder. New York meets Nashville!

10:52 ET/7:52 PT:
Bruno Mars is having a moment.

10:50 ET/7:50 PT:
Katy Perry's here! And the nominees for Album Of The Year? 21 by Adele, Wasting Light by Foo Fighters, Born This Way by Lady Gaga, Doo-Wops & Hooligans by Bruno Mars, and Loud by Rihanna. This will be a tough call for The Academy's voting members.

10:49 ET/7:49 PT:
In case you didn't recognize it before: Usher is a class act. Is he R&B's savior? He's both respectful and stunning here.

10:48 ET/7:48 PT:
As predicted, this performance featuring Valerie Simpson, widow of Nick Ashford, and Mike Stoller, the composer for the Leiber & Stoller duo, is a heart-tugger. Together with Usher, whose knack for emotional delivery continues to amaze, they're stealing the show with this medley of the classics 'You're All I Need to Get By" and "Stand By Me." What are your thoughts about the tribute?

10:45 ET/7:45 PT:
And a seamless segue into the classic Lieber/Stoller song "Stand By Me," featuring Mike Stoller himself. Goose bump time.

10:44 ET/7:44 PT:
How about this rendition of "You're All I Need To Get By" by Usher and Valerie Simpson?! What a tribute....

10:42 ET/7:42 PT:
I'm still thinking about that explosive performance of "The Message." Anybody else want to break into the Grandmaster Flash archives?

10:41 ET/7:41 PT:
Also coming up, everyone's favorite California Gurl, Katy Perry, will read the Album Of The Year nominees. Who are your picks?

10:40 ET/7:40 PT:
Next up is a musical salute, the kind that that will most likely cause tingles and, for some of us, a tear or two. This one is as well-deserved as they come. Nick Ashford, of Ashford & Simpson, and Jerry Leiber, the lyricist for the songwriting team Leiber & Stoller, were legends and will be honored with a special performance. Both passed away in 2011.

10:39 ET/7:39 PT:
"The Message" was delivered. Was that the performance of the night?? Incredible.

10:38 ET/7:38 PT:
Would it be a Grandmaster Flash performance without the turntables?

10:37 ET/7:37 PT: 
Wow, here's a performance that's a triple-generational threat. Our host, LL Cool J, is kicking it old school with hip-hop icon Grandmaster Flash and superstars Lupe Fiasco and Common. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's Melle Mel and Scorpio are along for good measure. The group's classic "The Message" isn't lost on anybody, I don't think. Not even those who are too young to remember Grandmaster's organic hip-hop wizardry.

10:36 ET/7:36 PT: 
"The Message" is a new inductee into the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame in 2012. For a listing of the newest recordings inducted, click here. And for a complete list  of recordings inducted into the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame through 2011, visit http://www.grammy.org/recording-academy/awards/hall-of-fame.

10:34 ET/7:34 PT:
Next up, a performance of a hip-hop classic, "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and friends.

10:31 ET/7:31 PT:
An award that the Beatles won, talk about esteemed company. And this year's nominees for Best New Artist are the Band Perry, Bon Iver, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, Skrillex. Pop, country, electronica — what a great mix!

10:29 ET/7:29 PT:
Bruno Mars is representing, and droppin' grenades!!

10:28 ET/7:28 PT:
The next nomination to be announced will be Best New Artist, a huge award for musical newbies. Who's on your personal short list? And why? Note: jazzer Esperanza Spalding won last year.

10:27 ET/7:27 PT:
Swagger: It works whether you're from the country or the high ranks of hip-hop.

10:26 ET/7:26 PT:
And they have a drummer with a Mohawk to make things even more interesting!

10:25 ET/7:25 PT:
Jason Aldean and Ludacris are kind of an unlikely pair, but this collaboration is working well. These guys are giving country rap the good name that's long evaded it. Who knew Ludacris would come around to embracing some country roots?

10:23 ET/7:23 PT:
More country with Jason Aldean and "Dirt Road Anthem." But this has a twist....

10:21 ET/7:21 PT:
What do you think? Any surprises? Last year, Lady Antebellum took home Song Of The Year for "Need You Now."

10:19 ET/7:19 PT:
Talk about a great playlist. The nominees for Song Of The Year are "All Of The Lights" by
Kanye West, "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons, "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, "Holocene" by Bon Iver, and "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele.

10:17 ET/7:17 PT:
One thing's for sure, the Band Perry is busting out as a great new country act.

10:15 ET/7:15 PT:
The Band Perry are into an even-keeled rendition of "Independence"; Kimberly Perry is rocking the blue sequins and perfect pearly whites. Her brothers harmonize, and hey — great fiddle break.

10:13 ET/7:13 PT:
I don't mind waiting to hear the Song Of The Year nominees if it means watching a performance by country music's newest sensation, the Band Perry, do you? Has there ever been a more gifted batch of musical siblings?

10:10 ET/7:10 PT:
Lady Gaga and Rihanna! A pretty incredible start to tonight's show. And there's way more to come, as we just heard. What about the next nomination announcement? Who'll make the short list of the Song Of The Year Award nominees? Use the commercial break to send us your predictions!

10:09 ET/7:09 PT:
Rihanna pogoed onstage in stripes and combat boots with a pack of scruffy dancers. Was that glitter shooting up from the stage?

10:08 ET/7:08 PT:
LL Cool J clearly has no shortage of love for four-time GRAMMY winner Rihanna, who's giving tonight's second performance. Rihanna is rocking "We Found Love," yet another of her seemingly endless stream of No. 1 hits. Is it her best song? How about this performance?

10:06 ET/7:06 PT:
How about those nominees for Record Of The Year? A diverse field, indeed. "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele, "Holocene" by Bon Iver, "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons, and "Firework" by Katy Perry

10:04 ET/7:04 PT:
Pink-haired Nicki Minaj is in the house and dressed to...what? Thrill? Confuse? Beguile? She's up to announce the first group of nominees, for the coveted Record Of The Year Award.

10:04 ET/7:04 PT:
It may be Christmastime, but Gaga and her dancers are still in Halloween mode. How about those graveyard moves?

10:03 ET/7:03 PT:
Just like that, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta — Lady Gaga to you and me —  is ripping into "Marry The Night" with the kind of funk-tastic flair fellow night owl New Yorkers won't soon forget. The disco-pumped song is a tribute to her hometown and to her love of partying, and so is her goth outfit. Is she channeling Kiss with the black eye makeup?

10:01 ET/7:01 PT:
Off we go. Host LL Cool J is looking characteristically suave in his signature hat. Lady Gaga is live!

9:55 ET/6:55 PT:
Five minutes until go time, folks. Here's your first assignment, should you choose to accept it: Lady Gaga is giving tonight's opening performance. What will she do for an entrance? Erupt from a volcano? Launch herself from a spaceship? Emerge from the jaws of a lion, maybe? Hatching from a giant egg is so 2011....

9:35 p.m. ET/6:35 p.m. PT
Hey there, music fans. Welcome to GRAMMY.com's official liveblog for the fourth annual "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! — Countdown To Music's Biggest Night." I'm Tammy La Gorce, your host for the hour-long extravaganza. I hope you'll join me during the show for minute-to-minuute coverage of all the festivities.

Who'll be nominated for an armful of statuettes? Whose performance will everyone be talking about tomorrow? We'll know soon enough. But don't be afraid to hazard your own guesses. Please weigh in with your predictions about who'll get the nod in the most hotly anticipated GRAMMY categories, and which artists wowed you onstage, in the comments section below. We kick things off at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. Be with us!

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