The Dance/Electronica Nominees Are In

(For a complete list of 54th GRAMMY Awards nominees, click here.)

It is difficult to describe the combined feelings of the thousands of people who occupied the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Nov. 30 for "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!!" as each person waited with baited breath for the nominees to be announced. Celebrities and fans alike shared the same undeniable rush of anticipation, surprise and excitement as each artist's name was revealed one by one, and the combined energy was palpable not just inside the theater, but to the more than 5 million viewers tuning in as well. And with each revelation, there were widened eyes, turned heads, and smiles and frowns, and of course the fear of being caught like a sulking deer in the headlights lest the news not be quite so friendly! Admittedly, I may have even gasped aloud at one point.

For those who know me, it's an easy (and correct) assumption that I believe the award most deserving of our tipped hat is that of Best New Artist. And the gasp and excitement noted about were definitely not lacking when the category came around, and the nominees in the category are sure to make for a memorable race as dubstep dominator Skrillex received a nod along with the Band Perry, Bon Iver, J. Cole, and Nicki Minaj. Even the independent voice of a generation, KCRW, took to Twitter to note this "historic event for electronic music." As I referenced in my last blog, more people are starting to listen and find themselves entranced by the wobble-style, bass drop these crazy electronic kids have been going on about for years. Skrillex's nomination is proof positive.

Best New Artist was just the beginning of the excitement. The Dance/Electronica Field features a wide-ranging group of nominees for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album, where Skrillex also appears twice. From Sweden's superstar fembot Robyn to Deadmau5, it's a battle of the Nordic queen and the big-eared dance-floor muse. (Two large mouse ears, to be exact.) But these two artists are not alone, being joined by Duck Sauce, Swedish House Mafia, Cut/Copy, and favorite pop star collaboration David Guetta. Guetta is another example of dance/electronica's mainstream appeal: Earlier this month he became the first DJ and music artist in history to have his handprints cemented in the Grauman's Chinese Theater forecourt. I think everyone would agree that a genre that's often generally instrumental has a lot to say this week. For more on each of these nominees, head on over to for an in-depth review of their works, to be posted in the coming weeks.

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