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By Arjan Writes
Los Angeles

Hot on the heels of the release of her critically acclaimed new EP Ghost, pop singer Sky Ferreira took the stage at Bardot Hollywood on Nov. 12 to celebrate her new music. Ferreira was the headlining act at School Night!, a performance series at Bardot Hollywood that showcases rising talent.

Following a performance at New York's CMJ Festival in October, Ferreira returned home to Los Angeles to perform at Bardot alongside special guests the Rebel Light and local dance/pop duo Dwntwn.

Ferreira's performance on Bardot's intimate concert stage was most certainly an excellent fit for her personal storytelling manner. With a line of enthusiastic fans still wrapped around the venue, Ferreira took the stage a few minutes after 11 p.m. with a rousing rendition of "Lost In My Bedroom," a high-energy song driven by a throbbing bass line and Ferreira's lush vocals.

Looking radiant and showing confidence as a stage performer, Ferreira kept the energy up and segued into the gritty pop of "Red Lips," bringing out her inner femme fatale through lyrics that were co-written by Garbage's Shirley Manson. Ferreira gave her four-piece band the opportunity to rock out on "You're Not The One," a new track that had a packed house of fans on their feet and cheering with their hands in the air.

One highlight of the evening was Ferreira's lo-fi performance of "Sad Dream," which had fans enthralled with the singer's tender vocal performance and intensely personal lyrics. "Only ever in dreams I wrap my arms around you," she sang. "I can tell you what I want to tell you/And I hope it's not just a bad dream/Hope it's not just a sad dream."

Bardot's stage was set low, placing Ferreira at eye level with her fans, which created a uniquely intimate setting. She concluded the night with her new single "Everything Is Embarrassing." In many ways, that mid-tempo ballad neatly defines Ferreira's emerging brand of pop that strikes a perfect balance between finely tuned indie sensibilities, mesmerizing vocals and catchy hooks.

A native of Los Angeles, Ferreira began writing music and building relationships with some of the biggest producers in the industry when she was still in high school. Through Myspace, she reached out to potential collaborators such as Swedish songwriting team Bloodshy & Avant (Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez), who were excited to work with the young talent. After posting many of her early demos, covers and studio experimentations online, she garnered a large and loyal following.

In 2010 she released her debut EP One, featuring a sleek and stylish Europop sound that was fine-tuned by hit makers such as Neon Hitch and Greg Kurstin. In a recent interview with Complex magazine, the singer explained that it was important for her to evolve artistically after the release of her first EP and show a different and more personal side.

"It makes me a bit vulnerable, but it's fine. It's a good thing," she said.

Set List
"Lost In My Bedroom"
"Red Lips"
"You're Not The One"
"Sad Dream"
"Everything Is Embarrassing"

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