Sheryl Crow

  • Sheryl Crow performs at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Sept. 10
    Photo: The Recording Academy

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By Crystal Larsen
Los Angeles

Friday night in Los Angeles belonged to the girls as Sheryl Crow took the stage with special guest Colbie Caillat at the Greek Theatre on Sept. 10. The performance was part of the GRAMMY winner's tour in support of her new album, 100 Miles From Memphis.

Because the drive from Santa Monica, Calif., to the quiet neighborhood of Los Feliz on a Friday evening can often seem like a road trip, I missed part of Caillat's opening set but arrived just in time to hear the popular "Bubbly" and "Realize" off her Coco album. Caillat, who must have felt at home as a Los Angeles-native, finished the set with her personal favorite "I Never Told You" — off her most recent release Breakthrough — "Lucky," a song written with GRAMMY winner Jason Mraz but performed this time with guitarist Justin Young, and an ambitious cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way." (Her dad Ken won a GRAMMY for producing Rumours.)

Following a brief intermission, Crow took the stage dressed in sparkly silver shorts that were likely seen from every corner of the venue. Before launching into a string of songs that spanned the singer's entire career, Crow warned the crowd that she was fighting off the flu, which she caught from her 3-year-old son Wyatt. But that didn't stop her or her eight-piece band as they delivered two hours of high-energy performances including "A Change Would Do You Good," off her self-titled album, "Eye To Eye," "Summer Day" and "Sign Your Name," off 100 Miles From Memphis, and "Can't Cry Anymore" and "Strong Enough" off her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club.

Crow, still in good spirits aside from her flu-affected voice, used her illness to add a little humor during "Strong Enough," singing, "God I feel like hell tonight…and I mean it." Finally, for the first time that evening, she strapped on her guitar and harmonica as bassist Tommy Simms led an intro to the gospel-like "Long Road Home."

Next up were a series of Crow classics, and crowd pleasers, including "Everyday Is A Winding Road," "If It Makes You Happy," "Soak Up The Sun," and "My Favorite Mistake." The new inclusion of the loud and energized horn section on these fan favorites delivered a whole new flavor that the audience seemed to soak up.

Before she bid farewell, Crow took a short break (likely to pop some vitamin C) and came back for an encore of the GRAMMY-winning "All I Wanna Do," which won Record Of The Year in 1994, and the beautiful piano-driven "I Shall Believe."

It was a satisfying ending to the evening in a city that Crow claimed to adore.

"I love L.A.," said Crow. "I just love it."

The crowd seemed to love her too. Although, I may have secretly been hoping Kid Rock would make a cameo for a special performance of "Picture." Maybe next time.

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(Photo Information: Sheryl Crow performs at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Sept. 10 | Photo: The Recording Academy)

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