It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual listener or a music enthusiast, your listening experience is a pivotal moment where your expectations are preset in that you will experience not only the symbolism of your favorite artist, but more importantly, the sonic nuances in the musical composition as the respective artist had intended. 

For most of us, the experience has been less than fulfilling.  Depending on your music platform, many of the vivid nuances are omitted due to the variances in digital formats that sacrifice audio spectrum for compression space and portability.

For some, including myself, there are fond memories of vinyl tracks being delivered though their favorite audio hardware. All of that changed as tapes, CDs and eventually digital downloads provided flexibility and access to our favorite music collections coupled with the choice of specific tracks streaming wirelessly across multiple devices and throughout our cars, homes and related platforms. 

Welcome to the new world order – Hi-Resolution Audio has the promise to deliver music the way it was intended while leveraging today’s requirement for access, flexibility and portability.

Our favorite tracks (and “albums”) are now being re-mastered to allow the full spectrum of music fidelity to once again be part of the listening experience.

If you’re a Springsteen fan like me, just listen to some of your favorite tracks that have been re-mastered by Jon Landau; obviously in cooperation with the “Boss” himself. You’ll remember the first time you heard “Born to Run” on vinyl and you’ll hear segments of “Wrecking Ball” that you never experienced with any download prior to Hi-Res audio. 

You can support your desire for the complete experience by downloading the iAudiogate Hi-Resolution audio player for your iPhone or similar APPs designed for Android phones.

Will there be new hardware? Of course! 

There are numerous hardware components now available to support Hi-Res audio playback.  It will holiday gift season soon, so add one to your wish list!

Remember, music is a personal experience whereby a connection is made between the artist’s message and the user’s personal life and related experience.  Let’s take this opportunity to make music delivery be the highest quality experience we can find; regardless of our environment.

By Frank J. Parrotto, COO, Matrix Advisors, LLC

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