Paul Rodgers At The Steve Miller TLC Amphitheater

Paul Rodgers At The Steve Miller TLC Amphitheater

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By Crystal Larsen
Corona, Calif.

In a time when it's a constant fight to keep music education in schools, there are several organizations doing their part to keep music in the hands and ears of kids across the United States. One of those organizations is The Recording Academy's GRAMMY Foundation, which recently wrapped its eighth annual installment of GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, now a three-city program with its debut in Nashville. The final installment of this year's GRAMMY Camp series is gearing up to take place Aug. 6–13 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Another organization helping to keep instruments in the hands of kids is the Kids Rock Free Music Education Program. Founded in 1998, the primary goal of the program is to provide quality, accessible performing arts education for children featuring a range of music classes for kids ages 7–17. To help keep this program thriving, on July 28 GRAMMY-nominated classic rock icon Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Company/the Firm) performed as part of a benefit concert for Kids Rock Free. Having performed his first set of shows in his native Middleborough, England, at the tender age of 13, Rodgers is perhaps a perfect living example of what the many kids in attendance hoped to achieve one day, their own rock and roll fantasies.

Taking the intimate outdoor stage at the TLC Steve Miller Amphitheater, Rodgers and his band — Rick Fedyk (drums), Howard Leese (guitar), Todd Ronning (bass), and Markus Wolfe (second guitar) — emerged through a stream of bright-red lights and started the set with Bad Company's 1974 Top 5 hit "Can't Get Enough," a song that also helped the band earn a Best New Artist GRAMMY nomination that same year. Dressed from head to toe in true rock star fashion, complete with a wallet chain that seemed to have shiny silver bullets hanging from it and two unkempt neck ties dangling around his neck, Rodgers was anything but sloppy. He performed with a level of class and control that showed why he's been called "the voice of rock and roll."

A string of Bad Company classics followed, including the young-love anthem "Honey Child," the piano-driven "Ready For Love" and everyone's favorite "mood" tune, "Feel Like Makin' Love," which featured Leese double-strapped with his guitar and a mandolin, accompanied by his son, Michael Leese, on guitar. Rodgers even picked up the harmonica for a brief moment during the latter performance. Switching tunes (and time periods) the band launched into the Firm's "Satisfaction Guaranteed," which featured a scorching solo from Leese (originally performed by Jimmy Page), followed by another Bad Company song, "Burnin' Sky." As the set carried on, Rodgers and the band's control over both their performance and the crowd was unfailing. When he wasn't holding notes as far as the ear could hear, Rodgers was playing the balancing game with his microphone, sometimes using it as a barbell and sometimes tossing it up into the air as if it was a pole vault pole.

Like clockwork, with each performance the band started perfectly on cue, never missing a bit. And neither did the audience when they were asked to sing along to classic rock staples such as "Bad Company," "Shooting Star" and "Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy," the latter moving Rodgers to thank the crowd for being his rock and roll fantasy. Leaving the stage for what seemed to be a quick wardrobe change (Rodgers trading his black vest and ties for a more casual button-down shirt and Leese loosening a few buttons in the process), the band emerged and launched into the steamy Free song "Walk In My Shadow," followed by the song everyone knows, Free's "All Right Now."

Rodgers put music's purpose into perspective, saying it's what gave him a "reason to keep things together and a sense of direction," before launching into a pitch-perfect rendition of T-Bone Walker's "Call It Stormy Monday."

Hosted by radio personality Uncle Joe Benson from Los Angeles-based rock radio station 95.5 KLOS-FM, the show started with a dose of the blues from songwriter/guitarist Randy Scott, who was the 2010 winner of Guitar Center's King Of The Blues contest. Scott told the crowd he took a 10-year break from music, never thinking he'd pick up the guitar again. He is now signed to GRAMMY-winning guitarist Steve Vai's Favored Nations Entertainment label. He left everyone with this reminder: "You're never too old to chase that dream."

 Set List
"Can't Get Enough" (Bad Company)
"Honey Child" (Bad Company)
"Ready For Love" (Bad Company)
"Mr. Big" (Free)
"Feel Like Makin' Love" (Bad Company)
"Run With The Pack" (Bad Company)
"Bad Company" (Bad Company)
"Satisfaction Guaranteed" (The Firm)
"Burnin' Sky" (Bad Company)
"With Our Love" (Paul Rodgers)
"Gone, Gone, Gone" (Bad Company)
"Shooting Star" (Bad Company)
"Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy" (Bad Company)
"Walk In My Shadow" (Free)
"All Right Now" (Free)
"Call It Stormy Monday" (T-Bone Walker cover)


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