Parquet Courts At Neumos

  • Parquet Courts' Andrew Savage
    Photo: The Recording Academy

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By Liz Pfriem

I missed Parquet Courts' previous jaunt through Seattle, making their concert at Neumos on June 13 a must-see for me. The band hail from Brooklyn, N.Y., via Texas, but their post-punk sound is one Seattle audiences can't get enough of. Their 2012 EP Light Up Gold was released by frontman Andrew Savage's own Dull Tools label and later reissued in 2013 by What's Your Rupture? — earning rave reviews. As a result, anticipation was high for their stop in Seattle. And support from Olympia, Wash., staple Naomi Punk brought out an impressive crowd for a Thursday night. 

Having seen Parquet Courts a few times at South by Southwest, I knew to expect an energetic set hopefully accompanied by an equally amped crowd. I arrived at Neumos, a mid-sized venue in the heart of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, shortly after 9 p.m. and Naomi Punk was already rifling through their opening set. Parquet Courts took the stage by 10 p.m.  and I made my way up front as the band launched immediately into new material, including "Bodies" (also seen on the Internet as "Bodies Made Of....") As they tore through song after song, the tight and concise drumming of Max Savage was audible, though barely visible, as he was tucked in back in the dark, dressed in a Dinosaur Jr. T-shirt and Yankees baseball cap. Savage's drumming set the tone for the rest of the band to effortlessly transition from upbeat songs such as "Borrowed Time" into more down tempo songs like "Yr No Stoner."

While comments from the band between were was sparse, they thanked everyone who attended their packed performance at Seattle's Cairo in January. They then slowed things down, playing "Careers In Combat," a song referencing the dismal economic job market that has been especially hard on 20-somethings like the members of the band. I moved up to the balcony for the last part of the set and from there I could see the surprisingly tame crowd swaying along to "N Dakota" and "Tears O'Plenty." As they launched into their final song of the night, "Stoned And Starving," the crowd really started to move with the music, carrying the band out on an upbeat note.

Thursday night was proof that the band's extensive touring schedule throughout the last year is paying off with larger crowds and a more fine-tuned set.

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Set List:

"Got Me Wonderin'"
"Light Up Gold"
"She's Rolling"
"Dear Ramona"
"Master Of My Craft"
"Borrowed Time"
"Yr No Stoner"
"Careers In Combat"
"N Dakota"
"Tears O'Plenty"
"Slide Machine"
"Stoned & Starving" 

(Liz Pfriem is the Membership Coordinator at The Recording Academy Pacific Northwest Chapter. Based in Seattle, her primary role is to identify and recruit artists and music professionals from the Pacific Northwest region to join the organization.)

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