Misfits At Concord Music Hall

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By Jenna Goode

On Oct. 20 legendary horror punk rockers Misfits took the stage at the recently opened Concord Music Hall for a die-hard Chicago fan base. The crowd varied from middle-aged rockers to young teens, and even a few preschoolers decked out in black.

At approximately 7:40 p.m. a red light shone on the drum kit, revealing the dungeonlike stage setup that included stone walls engraved with the Misfits' classic skull logo. Two microphone stands were clad in artificial human remains: one stand punctured a rib cage while the other was adorned with a skull and limbs that grasped toward the microphone. It was a hellish sight as smoke spilled over the stage and the audience began chanting for the band as the lights went down, causing an uproar of excitement.

Misfit drummer Eric "Chupacabra" Arce approached the kit as it lit up and revealed his skeleton-painted face. As he pounded out the first beats to "The Devil's Rain," frontman Jerry Only (aka Gerald Caiafa) and guitarist Dez Cadena approached their skeleton-clad microphones. The band was full of energy, feeding off the audience's shouts of approval as they stormed through their set, playing songs back-to-back in an attempt to squeeze in as many songs as possible. With a more than 35-year career, the Misfits have a vast catalogue to choose from. The mosh pit that had formed broke into a frenzy when Only shouted the next song, "Static Age," in the few moments of transition between songs.

"The greatest thing about this band is kids like you," remarked Only while pointing to a super fan in the front of the crowd who had been singing all the words to "TV Casualty." What I found most intriguing was the way the music spanned such a vast age range; the songs were just as relevant and meaningful to the 6-year-old dancing with her father as the 60-year-old standing in the back nodding his head to the music.

As the night went on the pit swayed side to side to the ghoulish moans of Misfits as they sang "Die, Die My Darling" for their encore performance. With the end of October upon us, Misfits appropriately closed out the show with "Halloween" and left the audience chanting for more. Only stuck around onstage to sign autographs for fans and most of the crowd stayed, reaching for his attention in hopes of having a T-shirt, CD or body part signed.

This is one of the many reasons the band's fans are so dedicated: misfits stick together.

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Set List:

"The Devil's Rain"
"Vivid Red"
"Land Of The Dead"
"Hybrid Moments"
"Teenagers From Mars"
"Some Kinda Hate"
"Curse Of The Mummy's Hand"
"Dark Shadows"
"Jack The Ripper"
"Static Age"
"TV Casualty"
"Dr. Phibes Rises Again"/"20 Eyes"
"Horror Business"
"From Hell They Came"
"American Psycho"
"Dig Up Her Bones"
"Kong At The Gates"/"God Forbid"
"Ghost Of Frankenstein"
"Death Ray"
"Monkey's Paw"
"I Turned Into A Martian"
"Where Eagles Dare"
"Hate Breeders"
"Horror Hotel"
"Ghouls Night Out"
"We Are 138"

"Descending Angel"
"Rise Above" (Black Flag cover)
"Die, Die My Darling"
"Saturday Night"

(Jenna Goode is the Temporary Assistant for The Recording Academy Chicago Chapter specializing in social media. Goode has interviewed artists such as Tame Impala, Daniel Lanois and Henry Farag. Her work has been previously featured on the Chicago Chapter's GRAMMY365 blog, GRAMMY.com and Loud Neighbor Music.)


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