Maxwell Receives Six GRAMMY Nominations

After becoming one of the most celebrated young, new soul crooners more than a decade ago, Maxwell decided he'd had enough of the music industry back in 2002. He felt that the business aspects of making music stifled his creativity, so he decided to take some time off to recharge. His extended vacation turned into an eight year absence from the scene.

BLACKsummers' Night, was oh-so worth the wait. Filled with accomplished soul gems, Maxwell showed audiences that he is still at the top of his game. His peers agreed. After being out of the spotlight for all those years, Maxwell received a whopping six GRAMMY nominations.

The soul man received nods for Song Of The Year ("Pretty Wings"), Best Male Pop Vocal Performance ("Love You"), Best Pop Instrumental Performance ("Phoenix Rise"), Best R&B Album (Blacksummer's Night), Best R&B Song ("Pretty Wings"), and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance ("Pretty Wings").

Maxwell talked to reporters for a few minutes right after the GRAMMY nomination ceremony on Dec. 2. I wasn't able to get any questions in, but I did capture some of what he had to say on video. He talks about how grateful he is for the GRAMMY recognition. He talks candidly about what it was like to be away for so long. He's such a humble and inspiring artist — a true soul man.

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