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By Sarah Mudler

Enigmatic Brooklyn, N.Y.-based pop duo Matt & Kim played to a sold-out audience at the legendary Metro Chicago on Sept. 19 in the Windy City. Welcomed to the stage by local WXRT DJ Marty Lennartz, and preceded by fellow Brooklynites the So So Glos and Chicago favorites the Hood Internet, Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino burst onto the stage to Notorious B.I.G.'s "Where Brooklyn At" in a fit of jumping and dancing, while the buzzing crowd snapped cell phone pics and screamed in delight.

The always energetic pair garnered national attention in 2009 with the release of their groundbreaking video for "Lessons Learned," in which the twosome were shown shedding their clothing in New York's Times Square. While they kept their shiny duds on for this performance, they certainly had a hard time keeping their feet on the ground. The duo seemed more comfortable balancing on stools, scaling the lighting trestles and crowd surfing to the delight of the ever-ready audience.

Opening the show with his trademark banter, Matt joked with the eager crowd: "This city has broken more keyboards than any other city. If it's not drinks being spilled all over us, it's someone tackling me onstage. These keys don't know how to handle their liquor."

Supported on a simple 10-by-12 platform, one might anticipate that a two-piece band consisting of only drums and keys might leave something to be desired, but the pair had no trouble filling the 1,100-seat space with their own brand of happy-go-lucky tunes and contagiously happy attitudes.

Kim's toothy white grin was only mirrored by the Studio 54-style, silver lamè backdrop, and 24 seizure-inducing LCD screens blazing with primary colors throughout the set. At one point, she even challenged an audience member to surf the length of the venue. To the pleasure of everyone in the crowd, one brave girl rose up as Matt and Kim provided ESPN-style commentary for her trip.

"She's up," said the duo. "Whoa, nice side roll. There it is girl, leg up and all."

Jam-packed with commercially successful, catchy crowd favorites like "Gold Ol' Fashion Nightmare" and "Yea Yeah," the band and fans alike spent the evening dancing and throwing their hands in the air in excitement. "There is no place I feel at home like onstage," Kim explained between songs to the young crowd. "Find that one place that makes you feel at home, and do it," she urged.

Playing their longest set to date, Matt & Kim ended the show with fan-favorite "Daylight."

"We have a day off tomorrow in Chicago, so if you see us cruising around on our bikes, be sure to give a high five," they screamed as they jumped into the crowd.

Set List
"I Wanna"
"Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare"
"45 King — 1 Hit"
"Jesse Jane"
"Lessons Learned"
"Shimmy Shimmy Ya"
"Spare Change"
"It's A Fact (Printed Stained)"
"Silver Tiles"
"Just A Friend"
"Ready? Ok."
"I'll Take Us Home"
"Pon De Floor"
"Turn This Boat Around"
"Yea Yeah"
"Better Off Alone"

The power duo is currently on tour in the United States and Canada in support of their latest effort Sidewalks, due out in November. To catch Matt & Kim in a city near you, click here for tour dates.

(A Midwest girl at heart, Sarah Mudler joined The Recording Academy Chicago Chapter in 2004. Coming from a Detroit rock background, she has expanded her musical heartstrings to include everything from pop to blues to jazz to gospel, and even a little country now and again. She can be seen haunting the local Chicago venues almost every night of the week, and is currently the Senior Project Manager for the Chicago Chapter.)

(Photo information: Matt & Kim perform at Metro Chicago on Sept. 19 / Photo: The Recording Academy)

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