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(For a complete list of 53rd GRAMMY Awards nominees, click here.)

The Recording Academy has launched a new mobile app with matching microsite for the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards. MusicMapper, available for Apple's iPhone and Google's Android, is a mobile application that marries the latest geolocation tech trend with your favorite music memories. MusicMapper allows users to tag locations on a map with a music marker, powered by Rdio, while extends the mobile experience by allowing users to interact with the application data even further.

The tagging process using MusicMapper is easy: search for an address or tap your location, search and select a song, and add an optional note before submission. You can share your tag by posting to your Facebook profile or Twitter account. The app integrates with Flickr and Foursquare data by highlighting concert venues via Foursquare, and promoting Flickr photo data of GRAMMY-related artists and venues.

As more users tag the map, you're able to view what music inspires others at any given location, such as your neighborhood, a popular venue or your favorite travel destination. I'd argue the coolest part about the app is that several featured artists will be using the app and their tags are featured on the map by a special marker. For example, by filtering the map for music artists, you can see several tags and notes posted by Katy Perry. The Recording Academy says more artists will be featured within the app as we get closer to the 53rd GRAMMY Awards.

The microsite,, is a beautiful extension of the mobile app. It offers a slick Flash interface that allows you to explore the map in greater detail, or at least, on a bigger screen. To get started, I spent some time entering about 30 tags via the website. It was quite addicting as I went through the list of most played tracks in my iTunes library for potential songs to map. Sharing my tags to Facebook and Twitter also started conversations around the music or the memory, which was pretty cool too. allows you to place a tag wherever you like, whereas the mobile app limits the user to searching for addresses, or tagging their current location. The microsite also has a nice timeline view that lets you scroll through the entire timeline on the system. Scrolling through the timeline lets you view tags by other users, and highlights the tags you placed, as well as those of any featured artists.

There will be enhancements to MusicMapper released in the coming months. This year's mobile app and microsite shows us The Academy is in touch with the evolving digital space — geolocation services are hot right now, and music has always had a close connection to how people socialize online. If you love music and you enjoy travel or making memories to music, you will enjoy MusicMapper and

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