Live GRAMMY Video: A Taste Of A Revolution To Come

Live GRAMMY Video: A Taste Of A Revolution To Come

Appearing on live TV has always been a very exclusive experience available to a relatively small percentage of music artists, and even those who get this opportunity, only have a short amount of time due to the limited duration of TV programs. Also, the complexity and costs of old broadcasting options made live video production out of reach for many.

However, artists have much more to say and sing than just the occasional sound bite, and loyal fans are eager to listen. New technologies are now changing the nature of live content by shifting control over live video and fan engagement back to artists through dramatic cost reduction and an ease of use.

This year, The Recording Academy has taken a bold step in making a stronger connection with fans and making live GRAMMY content more easily available beyond the 3.5 hours of the GRAMMY Awards. Three days before the actual start of the televised ceremony, a number of portable LiveU broadcasting units will start roaming around during GRAMMY Week, including backstage and red carpet events. All the footage will be shown live on, where viewers will get a true and up-close sense of what it is like to be part of such a larger-than-life production.

I’m part of LiveU, the company helping to power the live Web broadcasts for the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards. Our product is a small portable box that broadcasts professional-grade video via cellular networks, without requiring any of the costly or bulky traditional broadcasting equipment of the past. To us, working with the GRAMMYs is proof of what we’ve believed for a long time: that the ability to easily broadcast live video from anywhere will revolutionize the music industry by enabling artists to connect with fans in ways never before possible.

Consider all the exciting opportunities: Bands broadcasting some of their studio rehearsals to fans at home who are eagerly awaiting a new album; performers broadcasting how they participate in charity events to increase awareness for those causes; musicians giving special live concerts to fans at home while fans chat about it on Facebook and Twitter. And all the video mentioned above will appear on the artists' own Web site, where the broadcast isn’t under a time constraint or influenced by external parties, and any topic is open game. This is a dream come true for every artist and fan.

For artists, it’s a way to deliver their messages when they want and how they want, and establish a new level of connection with their loyal fan base. As a result, fans will talk about those real-time events on various social media platforms, which will subsequently increase the artist’s exposure.

For fans, it’s the perfect way to get to know their favorite artists better by literally being there — on the tour bus, in the studio, backstage, album signings, and much more.

We are impressed with the vision of The Recording Academy and are honored to work with the GRAMMYs on what we see as one of the very first steps in a live revolution that will sweep the music industry.

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