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By Brent Burns
West Hollywood, Calif.

Since 1973, the infamous Roxy Theatre on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Calif., has been the hangout for names such as John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper, and the late drummer for the Who, Keith Moon. Today, the Roxy's intimate quarters continue to host legendary and pre-legendary acts, showcasing the best of old and new Hollywood talent. Some would say it's a mark in any emerging artist's career to sell out the venue and have their name up in lights on the famous Roxy marquee. Young singer/songwriter Jayme Dee not only achieved both of these feats on May 3, she's done it twice. 

So who is Jayme Dee? Imagine if her more than 13,000 Twitter followers followed her in real life. They'd happily gush to you an explanation, as would the millions of people who have helped Dee rack up more than 12 million video views on YouTube, or the more than 60,000 Facebook fans. But since we don't have that luxury, I'll do it on their behalf. Dee, 19, is an impressive new artist who invites you to join her on a journey with a best-friend-level intimacy and a winsome innocence that belies the rocket that is her voice.

Dee's incredible performances are reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse. I can remember in 2007 when Winehouse took the same stage at the Roxy, bursting with sing-along lyrics that were as wry as they are poignant. Dee does just the same. Her songs take you on a trip back in time with a Motown-worthy, '60s girl-group sound, while casually conveying volumes through a defining characteristic that is feminine yet tough.

One of the sweetest parts of Dee's charm is her confidence. Giving her a guitar and a microphone is like watching your best friend sing songs you already know the words to — but they're words that describe Dee's deeply personal experiences.

"I find it hard to write about something that hasn't actually happened to me," she said in a recent interview with BMI. "I try to live my life as fully as I can, or else I'll have nothing to write about. I want my music to be genuine. I'm always striving to sing about things I'm passionate about."  And isn't it true that songwriters can basically write as if they stole your own personal experience? Dee ranks with the best in that trait.

During her Roxy performance, she delivered 13 solid songs, three of which were proudly included in her first-ever encore. She was in spectacular form from beginning to end, showcasing her popular The Hunger Games soundtrack ballad, "Rules," all the way to a polar-opposite cover of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" (with no adjustment to the lyrics). I fell in love with Dee when I first heard her "Love Whiplash" last year. It's a song with bright vocals, lyrics that are impossible to not sing along to, and a sound as fresh as her megawatt smile. So I admittedly re-stamped my seal of approval when she belted it out Thursday night as if it were her first time singing it. I kept looking over at the crowd and doing my best to not say, "Right!? I told you so." 

Dee captured not only the heart of the audience, but has an upcoming album on her hands that is a gorgeous blend of perfect detail and naked romanticism, with all the theatrical but sincere vulnerability of great pop. The crowd's energy was so intense, and their already-won love so exuberantly given, the night had the feel of a raucous coronation. Now we just have to wait for her album to drop. Mark my words, Dee is a star, quite possibly in a celestial sphere of her very own.

Set List
"What She Do"
"Tip Toes"
"Love Whiplash"
"Rain Or Shine"
"Till I Fall Asleep"
"Boyfriend" (Justin Bieber cover)
"Getting Even"
"Little White Lies"
"Red Lights"
"Blew Your Cover"

(Brent Burns is the dance/electronica GRAMMY.com Community Blogger.)


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