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By Brent Burns
West Hollywood, Calif.

There are few performances I've been invited to attend that have held such weighty anticipation before the audience even hears a note. Last night was certainly one of them, and that's to be expected when the man you've come to hear is the son of one of the greatest musicians in history — James McCartney, son of 15-time GRAMMY winner and the 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year honoree, Sir Paul McCartney.

While James has certainly inherited the talent (and looks) of a man who redefined music and took part in creating one of the most unassailable albums in history (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band), the younger McCartney is no Beatles clone. His voice is a sharp tenor, his lyrics are heavy-hearted and his music is quietly purposeful. James McCartney has just enough pluck to give his pop/rock melodies pull.

The release of McCartney's debut digital-only EPs, Available Light and Close At Hand, introduced a talented singer/songwriter and his music to the world. Now, the younger McCartney has embarked on the next phase of that introduction with his first-ever physical release, The Complete EP Collection. McCartney performed selections from this special two-disc set, which includes his prior EPs in their entirety as well as five never-before-released tracks, co-produced by his father and GRAMMY winner David Kahne.

Backed by a four-piece combo, McCartney's unique voice gave range to his original songs as he drew in the audience through incredibly unshackled arrangements. The 45-minute was enthusiastic yet straightforward in its emphasis on each song. On the intimate stage, surrounded by curiosity-seekers and fans alike, McCartney proved that his future has much more in store.

Set List
"New York Times"
"I Only Want To Be Alone"
"The Sound Of My Voice"
"My Friend"
"Fallen Angel"
"Spirit Guides"
"Erratic Pulses"
"Old Man"
"Cherry Blossom Hailstorm"
"Else And Else But Dead"
"Wings Of A Lightest Weight"

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