Introducing The GRAMMYs iPhone App

The Recording Academy asked our technology partners for the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards to reflect on helping us build a dynamic digital GRAMMY experience. Nicholas Butterworth is CEO of Diversion Media, the creators of The GRAMMYs iPhone app. He was formerly CEO, MTV Interactive Group and CEO of SonicNet. He's also a three-time Webby Award winner and a long-time GRAMMY supporter!

We here at Diversion Media have been longtime fans of the GRAMMY Awards, and The Recording Academy too. So when we had a chance to talk about an iPhone app for the 52nd Awards, we were pretty psyched.

Last year, the GRAMMY app included a trivia contest. It was cool and successful. But this year we wanted to take it a step farther. We wanted to tie into the "We're All Fans" theme, and to make the app social — allowing fans to connect to each other and to the event. And we wanted to expose some of the rich archive of GRAMMY history.

Once the nominees are announced, a lot of the fun in the buildup to the show is guessing who's going to win. Fans can’t vote — that's only for voting members of The Academy. But we wanted to come up with a way to tap into the excitement around guessing the winners.

The result is "Guess The GRAMMYs" — a key feature of The GRAMMYs iPhone app.

You can browse nominees from 21 categories, select who you think will win, and register your selections. After the show, we'll e-mail you to let you know how you did.

So that's pretty cool. But what makes it more fun is that you can also invite your friends to join a group with you — inviting them directly from your iPhone contacts via email.  We'll keep tabs on all the guesses in your group, and after the show we'll tell you how you did versus your friends. Guess the best and you’ll have bragging rights for a year!

We went one step further and added another new feature called "Did You Know" — factoids and images from 50 years of GRAMMY history. It's like having a beautiful coffee table book running through the app, and adds a lot of texture and depth to the experience.

This is a really cool app, and as far as we know the first app ever for a major awards show that offers social guessing. We think it's going to make watching the show more fun and dramatic than ever.

This has been a really fun app to work on, and we're really happy to be part of the most tech-savvy, social-media infused GRAMMY season ever! Enjoy!

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