Inside A Model's On-The-Go Bag

Whether it's a clutch, a tote or a pouch, a handbag is an essential item for any model, and what you pack in it is vital for those living an on-the-go lifestyle. In my own handbag, I have essential items that I would never leave the house without. Because the life of a model is varied, it's important to be prepared for many circumstances.

My first key handbag must-have item is a good moisturizer or facial oil. Traveling can make your skin dry and it is important to keep hydrated. Another important handbag component is lipstick. I prefer to pack two, depending on the size of the bag, so that I can quickly switch my look from a neat red lip for the day to a nude lip with smoky eyes for the evening.

Aside from the usual "keys, phone, wallet" mantra, I also make sure and check my bag for perfume, hand cream and headphones. I love listening to music when I'm on the go and the best photo shoots I have been on have always had great music playing. If I can fit it, I also take my tablet and charger. I love having a tablet on hand for blogging, accessing Pinterest and general lifecasting. Smart phones are great, but having a tablet allows me to get even more creative.

When I spoke to my model friends about items in their on-the-go bags, they all had different answers. But one thing is definitely clear: Models do not travel light and always think ahead. I love handbags with many compartments, that way I can reduce the amount of rummaging when I'm looking for a vital top lip balm. An expected must-have is nail varnish (and sometimes even polish remover pads too) and sandals so that your feet don't give up after too many hours in heels.

Then there are the not-so-glamorous, but very important, handbag essentials. When preparing for wardrobe changes on photo shoots, make sure you pack clothing items that don't leave skin lines, such as sweatpants, robes and T-shirts. A baggy tomboyish look is basically the vibe. And finally, baby wipes for cleaning your hands and face.

Oh, the glamour! 

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