GRAMMY Style Studio Sizzle

  • The Gypsy 05 fashion line on display at the GRAMMY Style Studio on Feb. 9
    Photo: Rebecca Sapp/
  • Fashions by Elvis Laskin on display at the GRAMMY Style Studio on Feb. 9
    Photo: Rebecca Sapp/
  • GRAMMY nominee Angela Hunte attends the GRAMMY Style Studio on Feb. 10
    Photo: Rebecca Sapp/

I am writing to you from the GRAMMY Style Studio, and oh my what a day I've had! I have fallen in love and at the same time had my heart broken by the collections I've seen. Located on the 51st floor of a sleek downtown high-rise with 360-degree views, the most cutting-edge designers have come here to display their triumphs as the stars and their stylists pick out the perfect outfits for Music's Biggest Night.

I was fortunate to get to talk to the designers directly and had the chance to get a glimpse of what they have on show for the stars to wear on Sunday. So the big question is: What looks are likely to make it to the red carpet?

I couldn't help but step into the boudoir at Gypsy, where they had created such a comfy place to be ― which totally fit with the style of their dresses. The flowing bohemian dresses on show are perfect for Taylor Swift's style.

Next stop, I had a great chat with Brian Lichtenberg, who showed me through his collection, which ranged from architectural bodysuits to form-fitting "body con" dresses. He has already dressed the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige, and I am confident his look will appear on this year's red carpet and onstage. His imaginative designs are always feminine with '80s features such as shoulder pads and leopard prints. A piece I particularly loved was his black jacket with jagged-glass pieces. Lichtenberg explained to me that you can move the pieces (which are attached with Velcro) to make your own arrangement. I am a big fan of clothes that let the star be individual, and who doesn't love to customize their fashions? I would like to see his look on Florence & The Machine, who would embrace his bold and feminine style.

Talking of function and fashion, I came across some genius designs by Bagstil. As a girl who always loses things in her bag, I appreciated Hylee Phillips' thoughtful approach to bag design. Each piece is a well-engineered functional apparatus that also happens to look super chic and stylish. Superwoman would definitely have a Bagstil! I was particularly impressed by the folding clutches, the iPad case (you would have no idea from the outside) and the chameleon-like "work-to-play" bag, complete with studs and sheepskin leather that are very red carpet-worthy.

Elvis Laskin's collection also caught my eye. Melissa Laskin, the owner of the label, has a history of dressing some of the biggest stars. Her vast experience as a stylist has given her an eye for detail and a daring sense of style. A signature throughout her collection is her elbowless dresses. I can totally see this playful and svelte design on Rihanna.

Of course, I can't leave out accessories! I especially loved the sweet '20s-inspired headpieces and bracelets at Lisa Michelle, and the M. Cohen layered bracelets (perfect for Russell Brand). As far as the sunglasses I've seen, I can definitely imagine the robotic and slick Karl Lagerfeld designs on Lady Gaga… but for the ultimate in cutting-edge technology and style, I would go for Calvin Klein's 3-D glasses.

GRAMMY night may be all about the music, but talking about what the stars are dressed in is almost as fun…and you can say you got your preview of this year's sizzling fashions first on

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