GRAMMY Streaming: A Mobile GRAMMY Live Experience

As longtime fans and supporters of the GRAMMY Awards, we love the idea of sharing the secret ingredients that LiveCast is mixing into this year's ambitious digital GRAMMY Live experience.

For our part, LiveCast is enabling a GRAMMY first: "live video streaming from cell phones." The GRAMMY video bloggers will be using the DROID by Motorola mobile phones loaded up with the LiveCast Mobile app, letting them stream live from behind-the-scenes, the red carpet, and those favorite up-close-and-personal interviews with the stars. The portable and lightweight cell phones make it easy to capture the spontaneous interview with hard-to-catch celebrities, and to fit into crowded spaces where the action is really heating up. LiveCast's software makes it easy for anyone -- simply press "start" and you're streaming live!

The LiveCast team has a long history of providing live Webcast services for some of the entertainment and sporting industries' largest events. And over the past few years, we've been helping organizations provide unique coverage by putting cell phones in the hands of bloggers and fans. One of the obvious lessons we've learned from all this is that when you get hundreds or even thousands of fans in a facility with cell phones, you’re going to be 'sucking up' spectrum. But, thanks to LiveCast's partner, Wilson Electronics, we'll be outfitting our video bloggers with cell phone spectrum boosters, which give them the adrenalin rush of bandwidth they need for quality streaming.

While the video bloggers are busy on the front lines using LiveCast on their Droid by Motorola mobile phones, the production team will be equally a buzz back in the control room monitoring and mixing the many live mobile feeds using the LiveCast's Lightning SDI solution. Working closely with top TV broadcasters customers, LiveCast has developed Lightning SDI, an efficient way for the individual mobile video streams to be integrated with the broadcast workflow.

First, using LiveCast Lightning SDI, the incoming live streams from the video bloggers are viewed simultaneously on the same screen with less than a one-second latency. It's just impossible to work with the typical 10-30 second delay inherent in streaming video, when producing a live show. 

Next, the producer switches between the streams to create a master outgoing feed by simply clicking on the preview window that has the most interesting live coverage at that moment. A key feature of Lightning SDI is that is supports "SDI" output, which is utilized by TV broadcasters for high-quality on-air broadcasts, and will be used by the GRAMMY live production team. The production crew will be supplied with top-of-the-line Harman AKG DJ headphones and Creature III speakers to ensure optimal monitoring of the audio portion of the feeds.

This is just a taste of the supercool mobile technologies that will be pounding the pavement and chugging away in the back rooms during GRAMMY weekend. We at LiveCast, along with our technology partners, are happy to be a part of it and look forward to hearing from you during the show!

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