GRAMMY Glam Squad: Tips For Great Hair

(The Recording Academy has formed the GRAMMY Glam Squad, a diverse group of online influencers who will lead the discussion on beauty, fashion and lifestyle during GRAMMY Week in February. The squad will provide exclusive VIP access to select events, including the highly anticipated red carpet for the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Stay tuned here for more tips on how to be inspired, be connected and be noticed.)

Choosing a hair color that shows off your radiant skin tone can be a tricky dilemma. Here are some tips from personal experience and top people in the industry whom I admire.

On a personal level, I love experimenting with hair color. It can be a fun, dramatic way to start a new year and an impressive statement to make on the red carpet, but only if it works.

Here are some tips:

I am naturally a brunette although I love to play with different hair colors and have been blond, red, strawberry, and pink all in the last five years. The trick is not the color itself, but the tone and shade. If I go for a blond tone, it has to complement my blue eyes and pale skin tone, so it must be warm. When going for a red or a pink color my main goal is for it to be vibrant against clear skin. With these adventurous tones I always ensure that my skin is clear of blemishes as otherwise these warm hair colors accentuate the redness in the skin and highlight the spots! No one wants that, so my advice would be to go for a wig and wear it on one-off occasions with flawless makeup when you are feeling skin-confident.

A final word from me: I think the root of any decision about hair should be just that — in the root. Follow your natural tone and shades and experiment with wigs and computer-generated images to find the best combination for you. As with anything in fashion and make up it is about your unique style and how you flex it. Try, test and go forth!

I also know some brilliant industry insiders and here are some secrets from them:

• Medium complexions teamed with blond hair and blue or green eyes looks truly classic. Blond or brown hair with brown eyes is super sexy.

• Dark complexions or great tans look good with most any shade of hair, so go wild and experiement!

What are your favorite hair tips and tricks? Let me know by commenting below. And check back soon for more tips on beauty, fashion and lifestyle from my fellow GRAMMY Glam Squad members, and don't forget to catch all the glitz and glamour yourself by tuning in to the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards, live from Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 12 on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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