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  • The Gin Blossoms perform at the Canyon Club on Aug. 6
    Photo: The Recording Academy

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By Crystal Larsen
Agoura Hills, Calif.

Just two days after the 18th anniversary of the release of their breakthrough multi-platinum album New Miserable Experience, the Gin Blossoms proved that while the '90s may be gone they surely aren't forgotten, as they played before a packed crowd of all ages at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, Calif., on Aug. 6.

Joining the stage with Mr. Tambourine Man himself, frontman Robin Wilson, were guitarist Scott Johnson, bassist Bill Leen and guitarist/vocalist Jesse Valenzuela, along with touring/studio drummer John Richardson. The Tempe, Ariz., collective opened with "Follow You Down," a track that's seemingly translatable across all generations as a young girl standing next to me (who was likely born years after the band's debut) went absolutely ballistic. I wasn't sure if she was just a huge fan or had maybe seen How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days one too many times. The former proved to be true as this young girl sang along to every song that followed including "Til I Hear It From You," "Found Out About You" and "Long Time Gone," a track off the band's 2006 release, Major Lodge Victory.

It was during "Til I Hear It From You," a song the band originally recorded for the equally cool '90s flashback film Empire Records, that Robin traded the stage for the venue's long dinner tables in an attempt to get the crowd up out of their chairs. "Standing up and rocking is very rock," assured Robin.

Turns out that may have not been the best of ideas. "Oh my God those tables are so wobbly," he said. "That was terrifying." He recovered quickly to introduce a new song from No Chocolate Cake, the band's forthcoming album due Sept. 28, called "Dead Or Alive On The 405," which was coincidentally co-written by Jesse, a Los Angeles native. "Jesse wrote a song about being a local boy," said Robin before diving into the catchy new tune.

The band played "Fool For The Taking" next, another track off Major Lodge Victory that highlighted Scott on the guitar, before Jesse introduced their prized bass player as the "newly married Bill Leen."

"He's on his honeymoon and we're tagging along," said Jesse. Ironically, the next song was called "Cheatin.'"

The night wouldn't have been complete without more from New Miserable Experience so the band played "Lost Horizons," "Until I Fall Away" and, of course, "Hey Jealousy," a track the world (and Jack FM radio stations) may likely never tire of.

The guys left the stage for what seemed like forever but came back to play "Goin' To California" off the new album for an audience demanding more music, a fitting conclusion to the evening.

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(Photo Information: The Gin Blossoms perform at the Canyon Club on Aug. 6 | Photo: The Recording Academy)


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