First-Time GRAMMY Nominee: Regina Spektor

  • Regina Spektor
    Photo: Shervin Lainez

(The Recording Academy asked some of this year's first-time GRAMMY nominees to collect their thoughts and share what it feels like to be nominated for a GRAMMY.)

I am so excited to be nominated for a GRAMMY for the first time! When I found out, I was away from home visiting my close friend and collaborator Adria Petty in Los Angeles. 

It was evening and we all (Adria, my husband Jack and I) had gathered around her laptop in the kitchen to watch the saddest scene from the movie Dumbo on YouTube — the one where Dumbo's mom sings him the song "Baby Mine"... don't ask.

By the end of it I was crying. I love that film, but the "mad elephant" signs, the chains, and the separation of the mom from her baby have always destroyed me, and I guess I never grew out of it. After it ended, and we all emerged in our newfound state of complete and total bummer, I glanced over at my phone on the counter. 

A text from my longtime marketing director and friend Mitra read: "OMG. Congrats!!!!! GRAMMY nom for You've Got Time!!" Still in a complete daze and wiping back tears, I said, "You guys," (sniffle, sniffle) "I think I've been nominated…," (sniffle, followed by blowing of the nose) "for a GRAMMY?"

Jack and Adria turned to me and that's when I realized I was the only one crying — of course!

And so, the checking of began. I was so happy when I saw my name there. It was too late to call my parents in New York, but soon the phone calls, texts and emails started flooding in, and somehow, after a really great phone call with my managers, Tony and Laurence, and many hugs and kisses from Jack and Adria, I was out of the bummer and into the high of excitement!

I'm so glad to be nominated for the song "You've Got Time" from "Orange Is The New Black." The show is wonderful and I'm grateful to [show creator] Jenji Kohan for inviting me along, and to Rob Cavallo for producing the song (he is nominated for a GRAMMY for Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical).

I'm sending all best wishes and congratulations to everyone nominated.

Many thanks!

(Regina Spektor is nominated for Best Song Written For Visual Media for "You've Got Time," which is featured in the Netflix comedy/drama series "Orange Is The New Black.")

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