First-Time GRAMMY Nominee: Kaskade

First-Time GRAMMY Nominee: Kaskade

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After a 16-hour flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, the green light was given to turn on our phones as we had safely landed. Typically, a few text messages would push their way through, followed by some voicemails and email alerts. But this time was different.

When I say my phone was blowing up, I mean I literally thought the thing was going to catch fire. I found out that I was nominated for a GRAMMY in a manner akin to reading a disjointed ransom note. Texts pushing each other out of the way, with words like "Congratulations!" and "Nomination!" and a lot of happy-face emoticons. They were scrolling so quickly I couldn't read them entirely, but finally the last one popped up with a simple alert:

"Kaskade has been nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Dance/Electronica Album for Fire & Ice."

I mean, I wanted to scream, but I also didn't want to get arrested. So I let the guy in seat 4A know what was going on. I had to tell someone. He commented that it was a shame I had to find out on an airplane, but actually, I don't think so. Considering how often I travel, and how much time I spend in the air going from show to show promoting this album, it was entirely appropriate for me to have this experience here in seat 4B. My home away from home.

Creating Fire & Ice was a gamble, as it was a concept album. Either it was going to clip my wings, or be the catalyst for me to continue exploring new ways of making music and collaborating with artists I am inspired by. I cannot thank my audience enough for being in my corner with it, and am incredibly excited to attend the 55th GRAMMYs this year.

(Kaskade is nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album for Fire & Ice, a double album released in November 2011 featuring guest artists such as Skylar Grey, Skrillex and Neon Trees, among others. The album peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard 200.)

Check back to tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT for a live stream of the GRAMMY Pre-Telecast Ceremony, which will feature Kaskade as a presenter. Then tune in to the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards live from Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 10 from 8–11:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Meanwhile, visit The Recording Academy's social networks on Facebook and Twitter for updates and breaking GRAMMY news.

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