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By Brent Burns
West Hollywood, Calif.

West Hollywood was abuzz on Oct. 16 thanks to a performance by Ellie Goulding that brought throngs of Angelenos to the Troubadour. Though not as publicized as the presidential debate, Los Angeles' legendary music hub was still packed with fans eager to experience an intimate evening with this rising British pop star. 

Goulding's band hit the stage at approximately 9:30 p.m. and began laying some groundwork, a musical red carpet if you will, for the songstress' grand entrance. After a few moments, the crowd's cheer welcomed Goulding, whose blond, choppy locks were matched with an oversized black sheer rectangular blouse and short leather pants, an ensemble she would later refer to as her "stage outfit/nighty." Goulding quickly pounded away on the tom tom and cymbal positioned next to her mic and wasted no time launching into her first song, "Don't Say A Word," a track from her new album, Halcyon.

"I play a lot of shows but these are my favorites, when I can see everyone," she said while playfully running her hand through the hair of one lucky man in the front row. "This feels a bit like I'm performing in my living room for friends, so welcome." The intimate setting of the Troubadour left some concertgoers attempting to engage in an impromptu question-and-answer session with Goulding, who remained unflustered. She replied to each question from the audience with short but heartfelt acknowledgements, mostly consisting of her infectious laugh.

Goulding showed remarkable range over the course of the evening as she transitioned seamlessly from power ballads such as "Every Time You Go" to more mellow numbers including "I Know You Care" and her now-famous cover of Elton John's "Your Song." Goulding ended her set with her breakthrough UK hit "Starry Eyed."

Prior to Goulding's set, the Troubadour was treated to an opening set by L.A. native Tokimonsta, a self-described "unfocused pupil of classical piano" who fused vintage sounds with progressive styles into something uniquely captivating.

Luckily for those fans unable to attend last night's concert, the performance was filmed and will be available to stream on Oct. 17 at 5 p.m. PST on Goulding's YouTube page. Look out for Goulding's boyfriend, three-time GRAMMY winner Skrillex, who was in attendance showing his support for his other half.

Set List
"Don't Say A Word"
"Figure 8"
"Salt Skin"
"My Blood"
"Guns And Horses"
"My Blood"
"I Know You Care"
"Only You"
"Under The Sheets"
"Anything Could Happen"
"Your Song" (Elton John cover)
"Starry Eyed"

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(Brent Burns is the dance/electronica GRAMMY.com Community Blogger.)

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